MOOD Skin Care is Changing the Industry by Combining Unbeatable Skincare Products and Mental Wellness

For decades, skincare and mental wellness have been important subjects for the body’s general health. Your skin and mental wellness are extremely important, just like your physical well-being. Unfortunately, both skin and mental wellness have been treated as taboo topics. Of the many causes of mental illness, skin diseases are the most significant reason. Many people are silently battling skin illnesses that have greatly affected their mental wellness. 

MOOD Skin Care, a leading skincare clinic, has dedicated itself to combining effective, clean products with mental wellness. Kristina Centnere, the co-creator of MOOD, ventured into the U.S. skincare market after spending a decade in the aesthetics field.

“Working with skin experts, I realized that there is a big gap between effective skin care and what consumers are made to believe is effective,” Centnere states, “With the help of Ayurvedic and dermatological experts, we’ve formulated clinic-grade products that deliver results faster, while being safe for all skin types and tones.”

To bring more revolution in the industry, Centnere incorporated aromatherapy to help improve clients’ mental wellness. Therapeutic-grade essential oils carry benefits for both skin and mood stability. Lavender essential oil, for example, has been studied to calm the senses and effectively reduce anxiety, while promoting the healing of sunburns and acne.

Centnere has long used aromatherapy to enhance her own mental wellness and integrated it into MOOD in a way that is efficient and effective. Since its establishment, MOOD has been significant in the campaign for increasing mental wellness, donating a portion of its proceeds from online sales to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). 

MOOD’s best-selling products include its ILLUMINATE natural skin brightening serum and DEFEND SPF 30 physical sunscreen for the face. With sunscreen ingredients being questioned more than ever before, DEFEND is so well-loved by MOOD’s customers that they claim to use it all over the body. Containing zinc oxide, triple-weight hyaluronic acid, 1000 MG CBD and 15% vitamin C concentration, among other powerful ingredients, this sunscreen goes on clear and protects for longer while hydrating and nourishing skin. 

ILLUMINATE face serum has also been making a splash, already recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike. One of the only skin lightening products safe for all skin tones and types, ILLUMINATE contains retinaldehyde, which has shown to work 11X faster than retnol. Coupled with kojic acid, licorice root, CBD and turmeric, it has shown powerful results, showcased on MOOD’s Instagram.

Since its launch in June 2021, MOOD has been made available in over 20 locations and has been featured in NewBeauty’s TestTube anniversary edition. MOOD is geared to enter beauty stores, aesthetic practices and wellness spas, while growing its product offerings.