We all get stressed sometimes, it’s part of life. But did you know neuroscience shows that it’s possible to lower our stress in just 60 seconds? That’s what our Reset feature is all about.

How it works

When you open Thrive Reset, you’ll see Thrive’s ready-made Reset Guides, along with the option to create your own personalized 60-second Reset by selecting images, quotes, and sounds or music from your library (or Thrive’s) that bring you calm and joy. We’ll do the rest, delivering you a personalized Reset, along with a guided breathing bubble that helps you inhale, exhale, and bring yourself back to center.

Here’s what Kyla has to say why she likes it:

“I’ve always been a hothead, but I am learning how to stay calm. I’ve started doing breathing and mindfulness exercises, which help me relax.” 

—Kyla Fleming, Bentonville, AR