KYSTAR is inarguably the most renowned digital soccer media channel for soccer fans around the world. Currently, it is one of the fastest-growing soccer media entities in the world and it has gone international organically without any major marketing push. This is extraordinary for any digital media company to go from a social media channel to a major international soccer channel in just a span of five years. KYSTAR, the digital soccer media company, is owned and managed by Koray Yalcin, a major soccer enthusiast. According to Koray the innovative and fast-paced nature of his network attracts lots of soccer fans and the core reason behind the rise of KYSTAR is that it works totally different in comparison to other sports media. The way most of the networks are transforming and trying new things, KYSTAR has got the right idea to move forward. Here is why KYSTAR is the future of soccer entertainment –

  • KYSTAR started out as a YouTube channel, which means it is already viral among soccer fans. It also has the benefit to be exposed to people all around the world. On YouTube KYSTAR has nearly 500K subscribers and 240 million total views. On Instagram KYSTAR has over 60K followers.
  • KYSTAR has a natural growth in terms of audience numbers because it is constantly followed and supported by real fans. This is really important as fans will always turn to see the latest update. It is something they choose, rather than forced upon.
  • KYSTAR went viral worldwide in its early phase and as a result, got fans worldwide. Koray specifically mentions fans from the USA have been very supportive of his channel. 
  • KYSTAR is by design to try to keep the perspective of a fan rather than broadcasters. It means that the videos and news mostly feature clips from the game, interviews and game details rather than desk analysts sharing their opinions.
  • Apart from soccer news KYSTAR also shows personal moments from athletes, their training and many more off the field footage. Hard-core soccer fans are always fascinated about knowing as much as they can about their favourite athletes. They want to see them celebrating their win on the ground, in the dressing room and in their home.
  • KYSTAR always keep in touch with the people who support them. Koray mentions that he gets lots of fan mails from the USA and he always writes them back. Fans not only help the channel by their direct viewership but also help by sharing the content on their social media accounts and which in turn bring out more fans to the channel.
  • KYSTAR has major focus on creating and providing online content, which is not only easy to share but also has advantage of being able to see it at the convenience of the users. 
  • KYSTAR has a humane approach to their content creation which is never heard of in sports media and it is what makes KYSTAR stands out from others.

KYSTAR has got the right clue about what works for the current generation and what doesn’t. On top of it, they always take user review in their account to constantly improve and deliver the best soccer-related content out there.