Living in Los Angeles means you are at the center of the entertainment and beauty industry. One such brand that deserves the limelight is LA Bodies. At LA Bodies, one can see the spirit of Los Angeles. The brand makes sure that one has all they need to look as effortlessly beautiful as the City of Angels.

The advent of LA Bodies

Founded by Jay Kassir in 2009, LA Bodies dedicates itself to providing natural alternatives to harsh chemical skincare products. The products are manufactured in Los Angeles by Samson Pharmaceuticals. They manufacture cosmetics, hair care, suplements, and OTC’s. While the brand found success internationally, it still needed some improvement and an upgrade. Hence, Jennifer Kassir, daughter of the CEO, joins the business to reinvent the brand and improve the packaging and quality. They are also adding new exotic scents & ingredients to make sure people are in love with the brand just as much as they are in love with Los Angeles.

The success achieved by LA Bodies

The brand has seen remarkable success over the years. The products get distributed internationally, Vietnam being the top-ranked country to sell LA Bodies products. Few products got sold in several stores and gas stations across the US, including body lotions and sunscreens. LA Bodies was also sold on Amazon and made $100,000 in sales the first eight months. The most successful products from the brand are anti-aging.

The reason behind the success of LA Bodies

The products of LA Bodies are manufactured in-house by the founders and make it easier to find success with distributors. Most of the top brands present in stores outsource manufacturing. Therefore, the lead time is longer. On the contrary, LA Bodies has more flexibility. Thus, B2B sales become less hectic for both parties. On top of that, consumers get their products faster, and if there is any problem for whatever reason, there is an easy solution because of complete quality control.

Obstacles faced by the brand

The owner of LA Bodies states that they face various hurdles on a day-to-day basis. For instance, there were times where they would run out of stock due to heavy orders and would have to cancel on others. Sometimes, there were mix-ups where the brand would send the wrong item to a customer, and they get mad. Another big obstacle was the lack of the right team for a while. ‘Our major obstacle was probably hiring the wrong people that cost us money, time, and energy, but we learned through it and believe everything happens for a reason.’- CEO of LA Bodies.

The sole purpose of LA Bodies

The sole purpose of the brand is to make sure that people have clean and affordable skincare products that enhance their confidence and provides them better skin. The team at LA Bodies aims at creating affordable and premium quality skincare. They do not want people to feel that skincare is expensive and inaccessible. ‘We not only are trying to change the beauty and skincare industry but are also trying to change the world and make a big impact on people’s lives. We believe that together, we are much stronger.’- LA Bodies.  


  • Usman Rao

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