A day off! We all love it! Getting a break from work, or working online. A wonderful day to, do nothing! That’s one of the joys of US holidays. We are able to relax for working. Forget about worrying in having to get up earlier, or rushing to the office, or going online. Just imagine having a day, dedicated to work! Labor day is truly a celebratory day! On another note, it is dedicated towards having meaning in our lives. Let’s face it! Work gives us a sense of purpose. Its exceptional when we are producing, crafting, creating, and contributing something to society. That’s what makes the very essence of work, fruitful! Simultaneously, there is a danger to the very meaning of work, when it comes to devaluing the people, who produce the work.

When we examine workers, laborers, and others, there is a particular category of people, we have to examine: the delivery people, mail carriers, nurses, construction workers, firefighters, police officers, grocery workers, office clerks, dispatch workers, and countless others. These are the people, who make our societies, go around. Without them our very structures would go into chaos. Then, there is the group of people, who we often take for granted. Many of our laborers are underpaid and are currently dealing with a cut in their financial livelihoods; due to the current COVID-19 situation. So, as we reflect upon this year’s Labor Day weekend, one of the things we could meditate upon, is the meaning of our work. Are we working because we simply “need a job.” How long have we been on this job, and is it time to move on? The point of labor should not be “to survive.” Let’s just think about it! If we are “surviving,” we are not really “living.” Plain and simple, we were put on this Earth to, live! That’s the very foundation of it all! If we are not living, then what are we doing? Hmmm. . .Now, that’s a great question.

This year’s Labor Day weekend is providing us with a much needed wake-up call, and reality check, on where we are in our lives! That’s very important, now, isn’t it? These current times are requiring that we stop to see where we are physically and spiritually. So, let’s stop. Look around. Look inside. Look out. Do you like what you see? Yes? That’s good. No? Then, what are you going to do about it? Now, that’s the part we need to examine.

Work is not fulfilling if we are not fulfilling our spiritual purpose. People often confuse work with backbreaking, tedious, energy-draining activities, which leaves us exhausted at the end of our days. While that is true, we have to look further, and see why work has been portrayed, and described, as such? Whoever mentioned that labor is not to be enjoyable? Whoever stated that our labor and work is not to be fulfilling; serving as a reflection as to why we have been put on this Earth to begin with? So, while we are sitting in calm meditations of our Labor Day weekend, there is something we need to examine. That particular examination relates to changing our work habits; making each work day, as joyful and meaningful, as possible. I think that pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?

With that being cleared, here are a few tips and tricks in our ability to transform the meaning of work. These suggestions are designed to ensure that we are able to move through our lives, in living and fulfilling our purpose. That’s the true definition of work. Meaning, that each day, we are crafted to produce, create, and reflect our unique patterns and movements within Earth’s sacred spacing. How are we leaving our mark? What are the shapings of our footprints? How far is the shaping of our designs? 😉 Its time to start walking through that arena. This time we are taking on a different direction. And, it will be one that is more delightful!

Be Honest In How You Feel

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Are you happy with where you are? Do you think it is time for a change in your daily schedule? If you have answered “yes” to all of these questions, then it is time for you to convey that. Remember, change begins in being honest with your current reality. Once you are truthful with yourself, any unhappiness, and the realities of things as they are, change is going to happen! Even some of the most ugly and harsh things we wish to cover up are bound to give us a sense of liberation- if we speak honestly about them. Tell the truth and invite the personal and economic freedom into your life!

Imagine Yourself Of The Kind Of Work You Wish To Have


The world of dreams and realities are the same. What makes them phenomenal is that dreams are the seeds for reality’s fruition. Whoever said that imagination is left in the world of childhood? Perhaps, many adults would be better off if they took the time to dream, just a little bit. If many took the time to maintain lessons from childhood, there could be less stress, anxiety, and depression in the adult world. Dreaming is fun! Imagining our lives in a better state, is fantastical! Just make sure that you are birthing your dreams into a healthy reality.

Create A List Of Your Primary Goals!

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There is something about the written word, that makes things feel possible. When we write down what we hope to achieve, there is something about being able to trap words onto paper, which gives us a sense of power. We experience the feeling of owning our words, and crafting what we see as possible! Its the power of owning what we say, and keeping our promise to ourselves, which gives us the energy; all the while propelling us in moving into the direction we desire.

Start Small

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Making those small changes provides us with the energy of control. Our lives will not change overnight. It is going to take baby steps, in our ability to navigate into the direction we seek. Little by little, we begin to pick up skills, that will serve us in our new journey. These small changes start to add up. Sooner or later, we come to view ourselves in a larger than life manner. There is a particular achievement in being able to overcome large barriers, by pacing in small steps. Its a wonderful aura; giving us the feeling of having more control over our lives!

Get Your Paperwork Together

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If there is a new job that you have been meaning to have, now is the time to start polishing up on that resume. Connect with your employer, and request a letter of recommendation. Actually, get more than one. Now is a time to get some of those things, together. If you are moving towards the next step, you want to make sure that you are prepared for everything. That includes when you leave your old position, for the new. Get organized, so that you are ready for your next adventure!

Get Excited!

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What keeps us motivated for the major changes coming our way is the ability to stay happy about, the change! All of the hard work and imagination (plus the excitement) provides us with the momentum in working harder for better. In turn, we are pushing towards the more fruitful, kind of work, we are desire in our lives. That’s what is going to make this a success. Excitement means we are moving. If you are not excited, then you should be very worried. Your excitement means that the work is more fulfilling for your life’s purpose and journey. There is going to be a wonderful occasion in being able to maneuver through a more advanced, and celebrated, working of you!

Keep A List Of Everything You Have Accomplished

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While we are working through the journey, it is important to congratulate yourself on every minor accomplishment. Whether you are aware of it or not, this practice gives you the momentum, which is needed in making drastic changes. The final, and major change, takes time to process. We must appreciate those small steps we are taking, through a long (and sometimes, strenuous journey). Making it through the journey’s completion requires a steady pace, through and through. Keep in mind that we will get weary. It is tempting to do so. Furthermore, it is dangerous to the very completion of our goals. That’s why we have to consistently find joy and comfort in the journey, itself.

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The year 2020 is a period in time, when we were forced to stop in our tracks; assessing our desires. This year’s Labor Day 2020 adds more initiative to what it is that we desire. No longer can we sit and allow our lives to pass us by. That’s if we plan on living a lifetime of regret, and I’m sure you don’t want that. Therefore, one of the best things to contemplate is our current work situation. Its from our work, and daily work schedules, where we are able to witness if we are “existing,” “surviving,” or truly working in our life’s purpose. If we are doing the latter, than our work lives can stay the same; and keep getting better. We don’t have to worry about having to make the necessary changes for a happier life. If we are working to “survive,” then we have some decisions to make. The truth remains that there are people who are going to stay in the cycle of working, because they have become addicted to “surviving.” What’s painful is that too many will never escape that horrendous reality.

There is the awakening that will happen, by those who have decided, they deserve better. They want to enjoy work, and find happiness in working. Its a great contrast to being depleted from work-related responsibilities. The question comes to this: which group do you want to be part of? Now, that is a decision resting with you, and you alone. With that being articulated, now is the time to make that necessary decision. Think long and hard about what it is you want. When you have decided what is the right decision for you life, continue on that path towards the work life of your heart’s desire. I really hope it is one that will elevate you; bringing you closer to your value, and life’s purpose. After all, Beautiful Souls are worth it, Baby! Loving and kind people deserve the riches of happiness; living a life, where your life’s work is restoring your energy. Keep laboring, Darlings. Just remember that work can be enjoyable! Loving. Healing. Divine. Enjoy the work, and make sure it grows into a nutritious vibe!


(Source: www.freepik.com); Edits By Lauren K. Clark


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