Lack Of communication

I observed during the Covid-19 lockdown that the young generation’s Communication skills are not as good as we used to be in the past. Although they are much confident, educated, and bold, they are unable to explain their point and share their feelings. Our teen generation does not know how to communicate. The lack of that particular skill has impressed our youth.

I have explained the effects and reasons behind the deficiency. I have also researched how to overcome this lack of communication skills in our young generation.

What are communication skills?

That is the good ability of “sharing” and “receiving” of information, feeling, and directions, observing, and empathizing.

Importance of Communication Skills

I want to talk ……!

A study on the study on communication skills positively enhanced the problem-solving method, sense of control, attitude of approach, and confidence. In professionalism, communication skill is most important to make your name.

What are poor communication skills?

If a person is unable to share his or her thought, feeling, ideas, vision, and all. These are an indication of poor communication skills.

Reason for poor communication in our teenager

Am i good ?

We are living in a smart world or a digital global village. It has seen that our teens are busy with social media, instead of having gossips with friends or family, they preferred to stay with a mobile or laptop. According to researchers, a healthy human should speak for at least 3.5 hours, but their routine on weekends or like now when schools have closed due to Corona they spend their time studying or on a mobile or laptop.

If somebody does not speak to them or not anybody has a conversation with them, then how can you expect them to have a better communication skill?

There is nobody to talk with, parents, siblings or friends do not have time for him/her, and they are bullied or teased, lack of confidence. These are major reasons for the lack of communication skills and lack of activeness. The minor causes are like unnecessary hustle, the pressure of work or task or any personal matter, the pressure of parents, teachers, and boss.

Effects on the young generation

My Life is ruined
My life is ruined ,

Lack of communication skills in our young generation is enhancing negativity, lack of interest in life, lazy attitude, violence, aggression, disappointment, and failure.

The ratio of violent incidents is increasing day-by-day, suicide due to anxiety, use of drugs and depression are common. It has observed that fighting at school, rude behavior, and destructive thoughts seriously affected our young generation due to a lack of communication skills.

How to Build Better Communication Skills

I need You !!!

Mobile or laptop cannot behave like humans. Siblings and parents should communicate with them. Parents should have a strong relationship with their kids that they might express everything with them. Behave with them nicely to bring a positive change in them. Their misunderstanding should be clear. Gave them confidence as if you were the best one. You should know their strengths and weaknesses give them rewards, have a conversation with them about a challenging task. Screen time (laptop or mobile) should be no more than 3 hours a day. Be vigilant when their friends visit your home. Convince them to take part in sport or any healthy activity.

Time is most important in your life, so give it to your kids, siblings, friends to make you feel proud.