When we think of Women so many images & thoughts pop up in our mind

Our favorite Celebrity, maybe a significant other, beauty, curves, for some a person cooking for them, for others a person flaunting the most adorable smile & may be a few more immediate images.

How many thought of Independence?

For years and centuries women & independence are on opposite sides of the spectrum

it was almost not even a requirement to have this value or even dream of being Free and then times changed, crimes were on a uprise & it led to families raising their girls as boys.

Wearing pants, fighting one’s own battles, learning self defense and so on.

Then years passed and decades after inspite of being able to do and achieve almost everything on an equal platform the female population still felt restricted, yet suffocated, yet trapped 

that’s when the need for Financial Independence arose.

This was received by all like with open arms, its raised confidence like no other 

A woman began to have Value, value in her voice on important decisions, value as now she had a Price tag. This truly added wings to women all over the world & till date cannot be disputed 

However, if we look around us, even women with 6 figure salaries aren’t FREE

Even women with a fat bank balance feels oppressed

Even a woman operating an Airbus can feel drawn to the floor by a colleague, a child, a loved one or just anyone

So then is Independence a new age Fairy Tale?

Is it the Unicorn that fades away as we grow?

Is Freedom just a word in HIstory?

No…. not necessarily, 

It’s time for an upgrade

It’s time to evolve the understanding of these words in this time & age

It’s time to look within & assess what really matters

And that TIME IS NOW 

The time is here to develop Emotional Independence or more so, Emotional Self- Dependence.

So what does that essentially mean? It simply says that the emotion we feel it’s a CHOICE we make for ourselves. It doesn’t mean being void of emotion or attachment, but means that the onus of being happy or sad, excited or bored is an option & not outsourced to someone else. Some of us delegate this responsibility to even a stranger, the weather, the slow Wifi, or even a traffic signal

We are evolving every day, every minute and the need & requirement to experience happiness, peace of mind is at the highest level more than ever before.

So take action today 

Begin with these 3 steps

1 make a decision to be in-charge 

2 every time your emotion changes ask’ is this feeling my choice?’

3 and then choose what you want to focus on

Emotional independence is what brings us closest to of feeling Free It’s the state where U ARE always in control, cause you could have a million bucks in hand & still feel restricted & restrained, or you could have just 1 penny & yet have no restrictions on your mood. & the emotion you choose. So today, let’s make the effort to BE emotionally self-dependent as that is the BETTER WAY .

Much love & light – Kim xoxo