Overcoming language barriers and culture shock, Dr. Sanaa Jaman’s unique educational journey is unmatched. Born and raised in Kuwait she migrated to the States to earn her bachelor’s in Mathematics ultimately earning her PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences. While pursuing her doctorate she discovered the ancient practice of yoga which helped provide a spiritual transformation and healing from a traumatic childhood. Her wellness style and yoga movement has attracted over 100k followers as she shares visuals and memoirs to inspire the masses.

This dynamic scholar and Renaissance woman is motivating folks across the globe as her traveling Yoga #DorkTour has landed on the continents of Africa and Asia and several major cities in the states including NYC, Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston and Dallas, Chicago and Philadelphia. She took time off her tour to briefly discuss her journey to the PhD and beyond.

Dr. Jaman, what was your dissertation title?

My dissertation title is, “Prediction of Granular Activated Carbon Performance For MIB Removal Based on Regression Analysis Prediction of Granular Activated Carbon Performance For MIB Removal Based on Regression Analysis”

Can you talk about your discovery of Yoga and how it helped you during your doctoral journey?

During my PhD studies, I discovered a love and passion for yoga through social media. Inspired by the art, I started my practice at home to relieve the stress of graduate school. A few months into my practice, I witnessed a physical and emotional transformation. I immediately noticed that I felt more at ease with life’s challenges and obstacles. My practice has helped me tremendously in my healing journey.

What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing your passion?

My biggest challenge is financial security.

Do you have any tips for those pursuing their passions?

To not give up when things get tough. To believe in themselves so much that they give others no choice but to believe in them.

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