As the world steers from life before pandemic, Chloe Urquhart pivoted her career from getting laid off to building her own success story as a business coach and social media strategist. Her entrepreneurial journey happened by accident, when she lost her 9-to-5 corporate job as a marketing professional and decided to market herself in social media as a consultant, while looking for another full-time job. She had six clients in her first month doing consultancy work and that’s when she realized she had the ability to actually do it full-time.

Her experience in marketing and business development helped her build a 6-figure coaching business – Hart Media. She developed the Hart Media Method that aims to help people, especially female entrepreneurs, launch and scale their businesses. She also drives her clients to develop the right mindset in achieving their goals. The course Chloe designed is divided into 10 modules that focus on understanding business strategies, identifying goals and branding, creating a content plan, and tracking engagement rates as one of the factors for success. She also combines her knowledge in sales and marketing to teach her students with proven and tested conversion strategies that will help them attract a loyal following and convert them into paying clients. She has helped clients translate their business ventures to $10k – $40k profit using the same exact strategy she used when she started her coaching business.

Chloe also dedicates a part of her time with aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling to making their coaching businesses successful. She wanted to provide them with guidance because she knows from experience about the different challenges they might encounter along the way. She wanted to demonstrate to her clients about what strategies work and what don’t, so they don’t make the same mistakes that she did and launch their business faster with better results.

Her mission is to create a place where women can feel supported, understood, and valued. She is extremely passionate about helping female entrepreneurs build thriving businesses, establish their personal brands, and gain credibility in their niches. She knows what it’s like to start a business in a predominantly male industry, so she wanted to empower women to make name for themselves.

Dedication and passion surely are what makes Chloe stand out from other coaches. Since she started her career in the corporate up until she built her own empire, Chloe has always been passionate about marketing and how businesses thrive. Her first marketing job as a sales and marketing assistant taught her everything there is to know about marketing. Before she was laid off, she has worked as an agency growth manager for a marketing agency located in Boston. With only $900 in her savings account, she decided to put up her own business when she saw potential in herself venturing into a career in the coaching industry. She has been featured in Forbes, Girlboss, and The Female Founder’s Collective. Chloe’s endeavors paved the way for her to be known as one of the most trusted business coaches and social media strategists in the industry.