Lalit Dave

Before the coronavirus dominated our lives, many of us may have taken human interaction for granted. Spending time with our immediate loved ones now, however, has taken center stage. Despite the frustrations the daily confinement may naturally bring, it’s important to reflect on what our family and friends truly mean to us. As restrictions begin to lift, seeing those we haven’t been able to connect with face-to-face will feel that much more special. Maybe we’ll even share more smiles and hellos with those we don’t know.

There’s no doubt that is has been difficult staying home. Many people complaining about feeling bored and aimless. Some might even feel that it’s a breach of their individual right, being made to stay home. However, when it comes to the greater good, one should always be willing to sacrifice a little bit of that freedom. A balance between individual rights and public safety is an ever changing thing. Trade a little bit of your freedom for the greater good of the public.

The deathly spread of the Covid 19 virus has shattered the peace and harmony of the world around. Not only is the number of cases and death tolls increasing daily but more and more people are succumbing to mental unrest at the same time. In such hours of need, many popular and emerging artists are trying to keep people entertained and give them moments of relief by offering a temporary escapade from the harsh reality. One such artist is the popular Gujarati folk music director and recently turned producer Lalit Dave.

The director cum producer has been working on this track for a long time. Though he has not revealed the name of the track or any specific details but he has described the project to be very unique in nature. He feels that the work is light and soulful and would definitely help the audience feel good in these tough times. Lalit’s earlier works have also been a major source of rejuvenation for the audience. He has worked with popular Gujarati singer Kinjal Dave on several projects under KD Digital production house.