The pavement of our home may be one of the most prominent elements in home decoration and in turn, it is the one that must most resist friction, blows and falling objects or continuous footsteps. There are many materials that we can use, but thanks to innovation there is one in particular that stands out both for new construction and for reform or rehabilitation, we are talking about laminate floors. For many, the perfect coating! The laminate store have a wide range of colors, designs and properties that other types of flooring, no. So we have created the following guide so that we can understand its real usefulness.

What is a laminate floor?

It is a type of flooring made from several layers of wood-derived or synthetic materials that realistically imitate different types of finishes. The finishes imitate wood (which are the most typical), a polished concrete finish, and an oxide finish, ceramic… etc. The laminate flooring have high hardness and is classified primarily serving the criteria and use of resistance according to the type of laminate, both the impact and to wear (see later the most important points that we know).

In the following diagram we can see the structure of the laminate floor and its different layers that make it very resistant to wear, discoloration and stains. Scheme of sheets that imitate wood with different finishes: Now, we would like to analyze a little the advantages of a laminate floor to see if it really suits us for our house by leaving our opinions…

Advantages of laminate floors

We have a wide range of models and colors on the market, as well as finishes.

One of the biggest advantages is that to install them it is not necessary to remove the old flooring or screed. They are inexpensive compared to, for example, a wooden park, and allow to have a “wood effect” on the floor at a low cost. They are, on average, more resistant than normal parquet and are suitable in places with pedestrian activity (Shops and businesses), they resist impacts, scratches, water, stains and chemical agents. There are models as durable as traditional parquet floors. They do not change color in sunlight. They are easy to maintain and clean. In addition, it is not necessary to stab it as it happens with the typical parquet, nor to proceed to varnish it.

How to choose laminate flooring?

What laminate flooring is best for home? â€¦ When buying a laminate floor, we not only have to look at the previous classification, other aspects help us to determine which the best laminate floor for home is. We started!

The color

The range of colors that you can find is practically the same as your imagination, you will have no problem choosing the right color to decorate your home. Colors of light tones, such as pine, maple or beech, achieve luminosity and spaciousness. Dark colors provide a greater sense of seclusion and warmth. Look at your needs! Remember also that colors with strong tones enliven the environment, but if we abuse a lot, we can get tired.


There is a variety of representation in laminate floor coverings that provides different types of finishes on its surface, so you can choose the one that best matches your decoration and achieve the effect you prefer. Actually here the possibilities are endless. The decorative panel allows you to photograph a specific surface, and print it by the rotogravure procedure on paper and, therefore, it is likely to be part of the designs printed on laminate floors, although we always find traditional materials such as wood and its different material variants or finishes imitating stone materials such as marble, granite, etc.

Keep in mind that you must also buy some necessary accessories to achieve its correct installation and the perfect finish: