Our global society this year continues in an erratic meltdown of outdated structures. The need to find a bridge to understanding each other is essential to moving forward. The bridge we need is within our hearts. Continue reading to grasp the importance of this and what it means in your everyday life.

The entire 2020s will involve an accelerated level of changes on the Earth – including changes we can’t even anticipate right now. We are individuals moving through this, yet we also are an intrinsic part of the collective – having on some level “signed up” for this experience to help ourselves and the world rise out of a dark place of fear and into love that can ignite needed transformation.

The love mentioned here must be unconditional and come from the high or enlightened spiritual heart. This is not everyday love. It’s not the kind we were raised with, or that we see expressed today within groups feeling superior to others.

We all carry lifetimes of old wounds that prevent us from fully housing and expressing our innate spiritual heart. We likely don’t remember those past wounds, and perhaps our ego-self convinces us that our hearts are fully liberated from conditioning.

Here’s the wake-up call: our world can only mirror back to us what we still house within ourselves.

As you will read about in my new book being prepared now – The Spiritual Compass to 2021 – we have a long history together on this planet. We’ve had lives when we were relatively selfless and caring, and others when we were narcissistic and abusive. We were destined to be alive now to help facilitate the greatest transformation into higher consciousness humanity will ever witness in a relatively short amount of time. None of us would want to miss this if we truly grasped how significant this is for us and humanity’s future.

About The Spiritual Heart
Our spiritual heart is our high enlightened heart – fearless, nonjudgmental, loving unconditionally. It does not take sides. It does not try to prove it’s better than anyone else. It is allowing, patient, kind. This part of us – and we all have it inside ourselves – can develop the ability to converse with others having polar-opposite views. There is no need to be right. There is no insisting that the other person change. At our February 13 spiritual heart meditation you will be introduced to this aspect of yourself and feel it tangibly. It is a beautiful experience – genuine, open, able to pivot on a dime as needed.

Language of the Heart
There is a language or communication ability of your spiritual heart. You were born with it this life. If it were not for your conditioning and lack of understanding about how it operates, you could easily access it daily. This high heart has its own language, much different from everyday communications. In a brief process below you can explore creating a heart communication bridge. I suggest working with this ahead of our meditation, and indeed throughout February to help anchor a new self-awareness..

Heart Communication Bridge Process
Experiment daily in applying the following spiritual heart communication principles – in your self-talk, in communications with individuals and groups, and as you ingest information from the outside world. The high heart communicates all the time, even when we’re silent and scrolling through our social media news feed. It takes presence and a development of skills noted below to engage with life via your spiritual heart. It takes patience to learn and recognize its subtle voice. Meanwhile, trust that it is there!

Listening Listen more than you talk, listen more deeply than surface appearances, listen with the intent to create a bridge to understanding. It could be your personal understanding of the world. It could involve understanding others. When you listen this way, you are allowing a flow of energy vs putting up a barrier or a prejudice about what you encounter.
Observation Think like a scientist. Be an observer of yourself, others, your world. Observe as though you don’t know it all. Observe with playfulness, like an explorer. Observe with the intent to learn something new. Even with things or dynamics you think you understand fully – allow the space within yourself to observe in a brand-new way you haven’t done before.
Self-Reflection When we pause long enough to self-reflect, we open a door to more self-understanding, less judgement of others, and fewer “re-dos” oftentimes occurring when we act on feelings or thoughts too quickly. Self-reflection gives us the moments we need for optimal responses, and over time fewer reactions.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.