Add another guy to the list

One more meaningless night that makes you question your self-worth

You miss when it was empowering, fun, and sexy 

What is in his mind?

No connection 

Is it you?

Lack of trust, guarded

Wondering when it goes back to sparks flying

You’re better than that

You deserve the world, to be listened to and heard

You know that, yet, your legs are spread for someone new

When will it mean something again?

Awkward hug goodbye 

You walk away

Anticipating the buzz of your phone for that text

It never comes 

The silence of your phone becomes the ringing in your brain

Telling you to wake up

Wake up! 

Sparks fly when they’re supposed to

When you know, you know

Trust your gut

With the only ounce of trust you have left

Trust yourself

Recognize that you’re still broken

He broke your heart and you’re not ready

Recognize that this one won’t heal the pain

You’re not ready

Learn the art of patience 

And remember the universe is still planning your time

While she plans, love yourself

Love the parts that he didn’t

Appreciate the things the new one didn’t want to learn

Have faith that the stories of stumbling into someone on the sidewalk, does exist

You’re not ready

Instincts explain a lot

Thoughts aren’t always a lie


Look at the sky

What does it say?

Reach for me, it says

Notice that the sky reminds you there is so much more

It’s endless

He won’t heal the pain

Don’t waste time

Find your spark

What makes your fire burn?

Who needs him

Not you

Let go of it all

Be in touch with yourself

Every flaw, curve, blemish


They could never love you as much as you can love you

It’s time to walk away

To find your time

Meet the universe

Shake her hand

Welcome her with open arms