The beauty industry can be a crowded and confusing place. Women are bombarded by mass media with the notion that they are not good enough – a profit-driven narrative designed to motivate cosmetic sales.

I sat down with Bianca de la Garza, an Emmy-nominated journalist and former TV host, who is determined to flip the script. No stranger to the damage of unattainable beauty standards, she’s spent more than a decade in the public eye. And, despite having a number one rated morning show, she used to be called to her boss’s office if a viewer called and complained about her appearance.

“It’s really crazy when you think about it… stereotypical images of beauty from when we are young have us hopping on board the Barbie train and it’s hard to get off.”

It’s precisely the sentiment that motivated de la Garza to launch her own beauty line, BDG Beauty. Her debut product, In GLO We Trust, is a combined makeup and skincare line that celebrates inner beauty and global inclusivity. The vegan and non-GMO illuminating serum is for all ages, all races, and all skin types, offered in three shades.

“Historically, women have been taught to cover up supposed flaws, or undergo painful and expensive surgery to alter their image. It’s ironic: we’re so cutting-edge in many ways, yet completely outdated in the beauty space,” she says.

“We need to send a message that power is no longer is reserved for handful of executives in an ivory tower who don’t live in our world and can’t relate to our lives,” de la Garza continues. “What is beauty, who gets to define it, and how do we celebrate it for woman around the world? Why it’s critical for everyone right now to be heard.”

Hailed by Forbes as “redefining female beauty,” BDG hopes to directly contribute to the paradigm shift with content that de la Garza produces through her production company, Garza Digital.

As one of the few women with a stint on late night TV, Bianca knows a thing or two about challenging the status quo. In fact, she’s celebrated for shaking up late night TV’s boy’s club and showing strong in the ratings war.

A recent photo shoot for INLOVE Magazine portrays de la Garza chopping lipsticks in a blender and smoking a syringe to get the message across loud and clear, beauty 2018 is in need of a course correction.

Photo credit: Bianca de la Garza. Photographer: Ryan Jerome for INLOVE Magazine

“The syringe represents our addiction to Botox,” de la Garza explains. “It’s replaced smoking as our new vice. It is totally acceptable even if you are a teenager.” She believes it’s time we play to our strengths rather than tirelessly fight to wipe out perceived weaknesses to make big corporations rich.

“I wanted to put a mask on a pineapple because how silly is that? We would never think its skin is ugly because it’s natural. But our faces are natural, too. So let’s get real comfy in our own skin. Because that’s the one nature gave us.”

Photo Credit: Bianca de la Garza. Photographer: Ryan Jerome for INLOVE Magazine

Her hybrid illuminating serum ‘In Glo We Trust’ was designed with that purpose in mind, delivering both cosmetic color and skin care nourishment, making it one of the very few products on the market to take care of our skin, while providing a veil-like glow to enhance skin rather than cover it up.

We’re Ready to Rewrite the Narrative

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and trend toward clean, minimalist, makeup, de la Garza’s message is emblematic of this moment in our culture. Women deserve to define what beautiful is themselves and are ready to rewrite the narrative.

With her provocative photoshoot and mission in mind, de la Garza wants women of all ages to have their power back. “I am not saying don’t get Botox or don’t wear makeup just know your intention. Does it make you happy? Or is it succumbing to society’s idea of what is feminine?”

de la Garza’s counter-culture messaging is bound to resonate with many modern women and, she hopes, men. “I know so many guys who love that natural look. I would love for more men to speak up on that topic. Like ‘hey ladies, less is more and you are enough as is!’ Think of all the time that would be saved in morning routines!”

Because, we have the same jobs as men and work in male-dominated industries, why should we have to dress up like Barbie? Or hide behind the cover of a thick foundation?

Let’s hope that her message hits home at last and that the face of beauty in the future can be fresh-faced and honest. With key personalities like de la Garza speaking out, we can be sure this is one conversation that’s going to continue.


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