“Gail your explanation of how menopause puts the ‘course’ in “intercourse’ is brilliant.”

“I love your peeing-in-a-cup stand-up piece.”

Ladies, I get it. Menopause is a serious subject and big sea change for all women. It shocked me with symptoms I never thought possible as a young adult.  And even worse no one talked about it in depth…thank you medical community and mom.

My Ob-Gyn told me he can recognize every woman in his waiting room by their complexion. The rosy cheeked hormone soaked girl is gone and the pasty dry complexioned one is sitting there. My mother must have taken a vow of silence along with all my girlfriends’ mothers as we knew nothing about what was happening to our bodies and our minds even from our own mothers.  If you ask my mom, she will tell you she went through menopause in one afternoon and then ordered dessert.  If only that were the case…that’s why I decided to change the conversation, or at least address it in a way we can all relate: through humor. Studies prove that humor is medicinal. In this messy menopausal case it is also comforting knowing you are not the only one looking in a mirror that reflects a whole new surprising person, someone you don’t necessarily like at first glance.  So I did what I do best: decided to look at the menopause journey a different way, thru laughter.

I started a blog that lead to me writing my book Gonepausal as a fun and funny wake-up call for women. It is a humorous and cranky way of negotiating this time of life.  The medically based books and websites all provide helpful information about our physical symptoms but if you can’t laugh about hot flashes, flushing, forgetfulness, lack of sex drive, dry lifeless skin, exhaustion, disappearing glasses, talking on your cell phone and screaming that it’s missing at the same time, sleepless nights, a vagina that has turned to sand paper, bursting into tears when your running shoes untie and generally feeling pissed off, then there is NO way you are doing to get through this no matter how much scientific information you research.


No one grew up with Menopause Barbie (or Divorce Barbie for that matter). Or a menopausal version of Growing Up and Liking It. Maybe Judy Blume could write a book so we can see how Margaret deals with night sweats?

That’s why I’m so thankful to the Today Show for bringing one of the last taboo subjects to prime time.  Maybe that segment will result in women no longer being afraid to admit their bodies are changing or afraid to utter the word menopause. Wouldn’t that be a gift this holdiay season?

Menopause happens to every woman and there are no shortcuts, or detours, or hiding places. I refuse to say menopause is a sign of old age — like Mrs. Maisel I see a road to a new beginning paved with lots of guffaws and belly laughs (and maybe a little tiny bit of leaked urine in our pants!).