I had the most awespring opportunity to interview this wonderful woman. Laurene voice is nothing short of an angel. Laurens presence bring HOPE, joy, peace and magic. Laurene reminds me of a story of a little girl that was abused and saw no HOPE. All of a sudden when things got to an all time Dimness. A magical fairy voice was heard singing, the voice was so beautiful, it sounded like it was from Heaven. You had to be dreaming because the voice and the music was magical. When you finally go to see who’s voice is sounding so beautiful, you realize that it is Laurene Hope. Laurene brings hopes and dreams of a Fairy God Mother. That’s how this writer describes this award winning artist named Laurene Hope.

Laurene Hope

Laurene Hope a best selling artists with her tours as Piaf and Callas, banishes the stigma of Border line Personality Disorder and shows the world,how fulfilling your dreams is a far better way to staying mentally well than any other kind of therapy that involve medication. Laurene who has done extensive training as a classical singer was in a therapeutic community for 2 years, where she learnt how to manage the Bpd without medication and found total inner peace.

Laurene now tours as a performer and public speaker to help those who are being diagnosed, and runs her own theatre company and TV station to enlighten and teach and offer opportunities to all “We are all extraordinary celebs and we need to create to stay well “Laurene Hope.

Take a listen to the amazing conversation Laurene and I had on FM 61.1 Syndicated Radio with Kimberly Jesika.


Originally published at www.sheknows.com