We remember her prowess. Like a lioness, her music roared to awaken. Breaking barriers and showcasing healthy forms of Black American, feminine imagery, the Soulful richness gave us the education, we needed. Even more iconic is how she highlighted musical and cultural treasures of urban, Black American. Her poetry. Her Soulful artistry. Her spiritual and religious philosophy. All of that heavenly energy was poured into that album. We followed her into a world of, miseducation. The work was so captivating, that it attracted people of other cultures; curious as to what was being spoken. What education is being contextualized?

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The album is a classic in Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul her/history. Its 5-time, Grammy award-winning success. Simply listening to each and every content produced on the album is a melodic flow into different energy levels. That energy that forces you to go into the most forbidden depths of your Soul. And yet, she made themes within such Universal energy, so relatable. So common, and connected, to every day people and those, who were struggling with this journey, called. . .life! She, like other artists, was not afraid to bare her Soul. Displaying her own struggles, failures, and frustrations with life. In hindsight, Lauryn Hill’s education was a lesson for us all. Tell the truth. Even if it seems “inappropriate” to speak on, during that time. Even if many people are thinking it, but reluctant to say. “Ms. Hill” entered into our minds, and threw it into a public echo. Allowing us to hear our thoughts, aloud.

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The majesty of this album is how Lauryn Hill conveyed education to take on different themes. Love. Motherhood. Self-esteem. Spiritual elevation. Coming into one’s adulthood. The list continues on. The passion alluded in each song is more than obvious. A little less spoken theme is how Lauryn Hill, unconsciously addresses the interconnection of themes in education. This time the themes are based on life’s education. Lessons that a formal education may not necessarily, give. This album was way ahead of the times, long before a number of universities/colleges began embracing interdisciplinary studies.

We hear the sensory description for urban sectors of Black American communities. The social vibe. Scenary. Those special characters, who give life and meaning in such areas. Making it very clear that even in “the hood,” there is still beauty, artistry, and cultural aesthetics. Just because they have dealt with being neglected, doesn’t mean they haven’t harnessed the energy that is available.

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The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, is a universal masterpiece. Highlighting the struggles and challenges of communities, which have been overlooked. Those whose light has not been appreciated. Yet, their personal obstacles are pictured to be just as relevant. “Ms. Hill” placed their realities in the same category as mainstream wellness movements for the rich and famous. She took stories of their personal journey, issues of self-esteem, and made them, art! That’s the beauty of this mis-education. No more were “these people” and “those realities” hidden. The genius of this album is how Lauryn Hill forced these stories to be taken seriously. She attracted the public to assess, analyze, and study this artistry in the same way that one would study Picasso, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and other famed European artists. Urban stories, Black American urban stories, were proven to be just as complex, poetic, tasteful, possessing great depth, knowledge-based, Soul stirring, and thought provoking; akin to the greatest aesthetics of Western her/history. This texture is what makes this album, so iconic.

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From Doo Wop (“That Thing”), “Ex-Factor,” “Everything Is Everything,” and other iconic songs from the album. The elements of Earth, wind, water, and fire are evident, within this masterpiece. It is telling. Lauryn Hill’s versatility, and talent, allows us to hear the differentiations in texture. Each song notates a unique way, for how we are to relate to our personal stories. Even within one song, there is a unique, and diverse, coloration, taking place. These colors touch our Spirits in ways, that even words, cannot. That’s why music is connected to the element of. . .sound. Its not meant for us to respond with our mouths. We are supposed to allow its vibrations to enter into our very hearts, minds, and Souls. Its supposed to radiate through our entire Being. That’s the blessing of it.

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The album, The Mis-education Of Lauryn Hill, is a soothing cafe for those wanting to sit down, and drink a bit of sunshine. For those, desiring to take a break from any confusions of life. Lauryn Hill’s performance is both a diary, and a self-help book. An open platform for those, who can’t afford a therapist. Yet, they enter a counseling session. It is a therapy session, on its own accord. What it entails is a lesson in un-learning everything that we have been taught. Doing this in order to “re-learn” everything, again. This time real life knowledge is brought inside of school. The whole meaning of education is re-defined. And, for once, we start with the foundation of knowledge: Love.

Love is the foundation of our very existence. Unfortunately, so many of us have been given misinformation on its very, essence. Love has been lied upon, manipulated, and misconstrued. It has not been properly taught, or addressed in the way it should. Many of us, no matter how old, are being re-educated on its, true nature. Love is honest and true even if we don’t want to be honest with ourselves. Love cares enough to show us our interior, and what it reveals. And, after stripping us down, and making us spiritually, emotionally, and mentally bare, love begins the healing process.

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In addition to giving her audience a therapy session, Lauryn Hill was also loving enough to reveal to us, her own, vulnerabilities. That’s part of the process. After all, the title clearly articulates, that this album is a documentary of Hill’s own, miseducation. She loved us enough to showcase her own humanity. Her own journey in spiritual restoration. Her own journey into love. Her yearnings for. . .love! That was the beauty of her Spirit. Her celebration of motherhood! Through this album, she wanted love. And, she made it very clear, how she was exploring, searching, and re-learning the authenticity of love. Like her audience, she was healing, too. Music (and poetry) is the educational love medium, that she chose to go through. And, like the comforts of healing aesthetics, she too, schooled of loving journeys, ahead!

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