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“It is a coincidence!”. Have you said that before? Yes, many of us believe that there are coincidences in life. You don’t have time to join this meeting, and “accidentally” your boss is sick, it is canceled…

Or favoritism? Have you also wondered why this guy, who is less competent than you, got that promotion?

Are these really coincidences or favoritism? Or we say that they are because we can’t explain how it works?

The Law of Attraction: Life’s biggest mystery

The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries. If you are aware of it, you might be among a few blessed people.

It is “the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life” (Wikipedia). In short, the universe responds to you unconditionally of what you want, or what you don’t want, as long as you pay strong and consistent attention to it. You can send out the wrong thoughts, and consequently, attract unwanted events into our life, or the contrary.

You got it, there has never been any scientific evidences of this. But many successful people have credited the law of attraction to their success. For example Oprah Winfrey (interview with CNN).

If you have not known about it before, I’m sure you are skeptical as hell! But first, discover below why knowing about the Law of Attraction is a great cause for celebration in your life! 

Law of Attraction: 5 steps

There are 5 steps to apply the Law of attraction:

  1. You experience the contrast (unwanted things)
  2. Thanks to the contrast you know what you want
  3. The universe responds unconditionally to your desire
  4. You allow it to come by emitting consistent positive vibration about it.
  5. What you want is manifested. You appreciate the contrast and its value

Fundamentally, there are only 3 things you need to do to apply the Law of Attraction:

  1. Being aware of your emotions and their utmost role in all your success: Your emotion is the guidance. Rising consistently above negative energies, and staying in the positive are key to get what you want.
  2. Appreciate the contrast and diversity: Knowing the creative value of the contrast, and appreciate the diversity of opinions and beingness of people around you (“bad things happen for a good reason”)
  3. Remember yourself as a powerful creator. Understand that your emotions are the origin of the manifestation. You are thus the powerful creator of whatever experiences you have in your life!

Law of attraction: Your most fun way to success

These three things, once done, can bring you on the greatest path of joy and empowerment. Why is it so?

Feel better: When we are aware that your negative thoughts bring us what we don’t want, we can consciously find a better thought in each circumstance. And we feel better! It’s the way to your greatest fun and joy in whatever you do.

Self-esteem and worthiness: When you can truly believe that you are the creator of whatever happens in your life, you are empowered.

Openness and tolerance towards our human congeners: You know the contrasts have their values in identifying what you want. You also know people are not the causes of your unhappiness, but your own thoughts!

3 easy ways to practice the Law of Attraction today

Ready to try? Below are 3 easy ways to start attracting what you want by your positive thoughts.

Virtual reality

When you are in a mental state of joy or appreciation, reinforce it by practicing the virtual reality.

The universe responds to the vibration you emit, which becomes your point of attraction. It establishes no distinction between, for example, whether you have one million dollars or you “truly feel” you have it.

So you can create a virtual reality by visualizing what you want in the most details possible. What do you want? Where and when? Is it inside, outside? Is it the morning or the evening? How the air is feeling? Who you would like to be with you… .. Imagine in all details and find the things that create the best feeling in you.

Action: Take 10 minutes per day, for example when you wake up, or before sleeping, to do this virtual reality exercise.

The book of positive aspects

You are not in the best mental state, you feel some inner discomfort? This exercise can raise your vibration and help you feel better.

Take a piece of paper and write on it the subject which is important to you, and of which you would like to have a better feeling. For example your spouse, your children, your cat, your house…

Ask yourself: What do I love in them? Why do I love them so much? What are the positive aspects that you observe in them? Recall all positive moments and characteristics that make you happy. List them down.

Let the ideas come naturally. Don’t force. When no other idea comes, turn the page and write down another name/ subject Repeat the process for 10 or 20 minutes.

Action: Write your book of positive aspects every day. I’m sure you will feel better after each exercise. And the universe will let all the best things flow naturally to you.

Identify the better thoughts

What about when you are not really in your mood? Your mental state is between despair or frustration? Identify better thoughts will help you raise your vibration.

For example, when your partner does not help you with the housework, and you feel frustrated, write down your thoughts. For instance, “He never helps me. I’m tired of doing all alone”.

Afterward, decide that you will try to find thoughts that help you feel better. Write down all of them and identify if they are better.

  • “I should have not married such a man” (worse thought).
  • “Yesterday he did the same” (same thought).
  • “His mother always protects him” (worse thought).
  • “I want him to help because I would have time to rest” (better thought).
  • “I remember he helped me a lot before” (better thought).
  • “I wish he could be like before” (worse thought).
  • “I can just rest and let all for tomorrow because then he will have time to help” (better thought).
  • “He loves me and he is a kind man. My friends have husbands who drink” (better thought).

And so on… Identifying better thoughts helps you move to a more positive vibration.

Action: Try to identify better thoughts today, whenever you feel bad. Observe if you feel better.

The Law of Attraction can transform your life

So now you know about what is the Law of attraction, and how it can help you achieve what you want!

Be aware of your emotions and the importance of feeling good at any moment. Appreciate the contrast. And believe in your creating power. You will have a fun way to your success and whatever you want.

Start today, and practice the three exercises regularly, and see how it transforms your life.

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