The law of attraction basically means, whatever you think about or talk about, you will get. If you think positively, you will get positive results. If you think negatively, you will get negative results. This is why I tell my clients always to think positively way, because thinking in a positive way will change your life for the better. 

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how to use the law of attraction to manifest and get what we really want. I will give you a few examples of how to use the law of attraction and manifest what you want in your life.

In this first example, let’s say you want to manifest a new relationship. You start by getting very clear about what you want. Let’s say I am a woman, 25 years old, who wants to manifest a great loving boyfriend. The first thing you must do is understand that you have to get ready for your perfect boyfriend. What do I mean by this? I mean, you must declutter your house. You must declutter your life.

First, clean out part of the closet for your boyfriend. This way, you are affirming to the universe you are ready for a relationship because you are making room for one. Continue with the rest of your house and make room for your relationship. Make room in your bathroom; sleep on one side of the bed, instead of the middle. If you have a two-car garage, clean out the garage and park on one side, instead of in the middle. These steps are confirming that you are ready for a relationship. You are affirming to the universe you are ready to accept a great relationship. You are getting your life in order for another person.

The next step is to say this affirmation, “Yes, I accept a great new relationship into my life. We get along great, and we love each other very much.” Keep saying this affirmation, and you will attract a great boyfriend into your life. Remember, when you keep saying an affirmation repeatedly, you will attract that affirmation into your life.
It might take 90 days for you to attract what you are looking for, so I always tell clients never give up. After the 90 days, you might not get the perfect man, but you might attract more dates, leading to the perfect man of your dreams. My point is never give up. People often give up before they attract what they want because they give up too soon. Affirmations work, but they take time.

Another step I have learned that will help you attract your affirmation to you faster is to put the word “Yes” in front of all your affirmations. For example, if I said, “I have a great new boyfriend,” instead I would say, “Yes, I have a great new boyfriend.” See the difference? It adds more energy to the affirmation. This will help bring the thing you request to you faster.

Next, let’s look at an affirmation for a new job. A great affirmation for a new job would be, “Yes, I have a great new career that I love, and I get paid a great wage for doing it.” This would attract a great new career into your life. Say this affirmation all the time to attract a new career into your life.

No matter what you are trying to attract into your life, you can use your imagination to help manifest your desires faster. To use your imagination, envision what you are saying in your affirmations as if you already have it. So, if you are trying to affirm a new career, envision yourself going into a new building and working with new co-workers. If you are trying to affirm a new boyfriend, envision yourself going out on dates, going to the movies, doing things together, and coming home together. This way, you are saying the affirmations out loud, and you envision your affirmations in your mind. This will attract your affirmations to you faster.

One last tip, like I said above, no matter what, don’t give up. You can manifest anything you desire in your life, but you must not give up. You have to keep positive, and you must keep saying your affirmations. The best advice I ever got was to say affirmations until I am sick and tired of saying them. That’s what I am telling you; say your affirmations until you are sick and tired of saying them and then say them again. You can do anything if you just think you can.

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