Lazaris The Top Don

Feeling stagnant? You don’t attract opportunities because you are not upgrading

I often get asked by many people: “How can I get more opportunities in my life?”

This is a really important question. New opportunities enable us to advance in our lives and careers as a result of an abundance of options to choose from. In the case where we seldom get a chance to upgrade our current situation through new possibilities, it is a common occurrence to feel stagnant, unhappy and unproductive. The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes,says Lazaro.

Lazaro Martinez, popularly known by his stage name, Lazaris The Top Don, is a Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. He is a Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, The Hunts Point. He is also the nephew of the Legendary Arscenio Rodrigues. Lazaris is also in the royal family bloodline of Dons and considered part of a Musical Dynasty.

Opportunities to achieve what you want in life are coming to you more often than you realize. The reason those opportunities don’t always turn into the experiences you hoped for often has to do with whether or not you are ready for them. Most people live ready for what they expect in life, not what they want. 

Lazaro  says you can’t attract new opportunities your way if those opportunities don’t know where to knock. You need to get yourself out there and let people know you exist! If you stay where it’s always cozy and nice, you’ve got no chance to grow! By stepping outside of your comfort zone you’re giving yourself the chance to meet new people and land in new situations. “The aim is to create opportunities by stepping outside the comfort zone instead of waiting for them. Otherwise, your life will be nothing more than comfortable.”

Value curiosity and collect information. Make a habit of interacting with your environment. Notice things that happen around you. People who notice things know more than people who don’t. 

  • Notice the kind of preparation and responses people value.
  • Notice how you can make processes and meetings work better.
  • Notice what makes people’s lives easier, faster and more meaningful.
  • Notice ways that you can add value without taking something away from those around you.

Develop a habit of paying attention. You’ll grow as a person and you’ll become a natural resource to the people who work with you. It will become natural for them to think of you when new opportunities happen. Some of the greatest opportunities are not mind-blowing new inventions; they are mostly iterative improvements to existing things. Everything can be improved; the key is to find things that you can improve.  The next time you are annoyed by a product or service, think about what you would do to improve it.  Do this often enough, and your next opportunity will be waiting for you he quoted.