When you ask a question, you ultimately want to know how the world around you fits in with your perception and to justify your own existence by seeking answers that are comfortable to you.

But when you receive an answer that doesn’t fit right with you, you choose to ignore it or even argue against it!

So what questions should YOU be asking?

Let’s take a look at a common question many leaders may find themselves asking…

“Why hasn’t that task been done?”

Taking the information I’ve previously given you, you ask the question to know how your team fits around your perception of what’s expected and to justify your position.  You ask THAT question to remind them you have the power in an attempt to make them work harder.

In reality this is a loaded question as it invites a response of guilt or failure.

Your team will become defensive and retract from offering the truth through fear of being humiliated or chastised.


There is another way and it begins with some self-reflection.

Rather than ask the world how it fits in around your perceptions, ask yourself can you fit in around the perceptions of the world..or in other words, how do you fit in with the perceptions of your team.

Your team want you to lead and to inspire them.  They want you to show them the way when things are tough and reward them when things are great.

Consider this question for a moment…

“How can I help you achieve completion of this task?”

Next time one of your team isn’t getting the results you expect, use this question and tell me how it goes.