It’s Time For A Shift!
Part of my vision is to create more awareness around the subject of mental health. Especially in the workplace.

It is my view that employers must take a more proactive role towards mental health and understand that they too have a responsibility to the employee.

The times they are a changin’.

Great leadership starts at the top and moves down the hierarchy. If you don’t have someone at the top, whose primary focus is on the people underneath them then the foundations of that business are as shaky as a skyscraper built on wet sand.

Nobody wants to work for a company where they do not feel supported, secure and safe.
How do we build that element of trust?

We must make sure that the leaders have an awareness of mental health. These issues alone cost the country billions in absence and low productivity.

We must make sure that every company has a strategy to work with their employees and support them during difficult times.

We are told how to lift a bloody box during our inductions. NOW is the time to be taught how to cope under stress. How to incorporate daily mindfulness and how, if the time comes, we can rely on our companies to be there for us. Support us. Lead us.

If we do this then we create a community of trust, security and stability.

That will ripple through the entire business if it is driven from the top.


  • Jon Imondi

    Helping You Escape the Prison of Your Mind

    Jon Imondi is on a mission to help as many people as possible break free from the prison of theor own minds. This prison could be one of fear, stress, anxiety and even depression. Freedom can be achieved by adopting the techniques that he has learnt over several years of practice and dedication. Once a sufferer of all the above Jon has a passion and an unwavering commitment to help others turn their lives around. He knows only too well how critical it is to train our monkey minds, learn to embrace our thoughts and emotions, without judgement and be fully present in this moment.