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Learning is its own exceeding great reward.

– William Hazlitt

When is the last time something exceeded your expectations or surprised you how good it was? Was it a great meal at a restaurant? Was it a great sunset while you were out for a walk? Was it an employee who did something remarkable? How about your leadership?… when was the last time somebody told you that you surprised them… that you exceeded their expectations as a leader?

As I was watching bits and pieces of the solar eclipse on television, I kept hearing people say how the eclipse “exceeded their expectations,” and how “it was far better than they expected.”

Of course, that got me thinking about how leaders can consistently ‘exceed the expectations’ of their people. How can leaders continuously “surprise” their people… their bosses? Here’s a quick list of five things I came up with… please feel free to add a personal experience or a tip that you think would help leaders continuously exceed their expectations.

Be Committed. I know this may seem obvious, but I’m talking about being ‘all-in’ with the projects/plans going on around your organization. When offering advice, do so in a way that shows your commitment to the results, not for getting credit. Be an encourager through your actions.

Stand Up. Speak your mind by sharing your thoughts and opinions in a helpful manner that brings solutions to the challenges. Utilize your past experiences to mentor your people. Be strong and courageous for your people; stand up for them!

Follow Through. When you start something, stick with it until it is complete… finished… out the door! Know your plan/vision and see it all the way through. Be the person who continuously encourages others to push through the challenging obstacles in your path.

Honesty… Always! Integrity has no boundaries; however, there always seems to be situations that tempt us into letting our guards down when it comes to integrity… fight the urge & temptations; always be honest and upfront about issues. If something goes wrong, own it; take full responsibility. Then, get to fixing it!

Be Present. Your people need you more than you may think. They need you to be available to talk about work; about tasks; about life! Be available for them when they need you and be willing to listen. Ensure your people can count on you.

The bottom line is many leaders simply never hear the words “you surprised me” when it comes to their leadership abilities. I believe a few tweaks in your daily routine can change that. Please share your thoughts on how you exceed your people’s leadership expectations.

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