“During the last 2 months, I’ve been having Open Office sessions with different offices, departments, and teams. In just a few weeks, I’ve learned so much by meeting more team members than I would meet in two years of travel. There isn’t a single session in which I don’t learn new things. Every single session is powerful. Every meeting is an opportunity to expand our common knowledge.” Oren Kaniel

There were many silver linings to the coronavirus. The pandemic sped up our transition to globalization; symbolizing the end of the individualistic era, and the beginning of an era of collectivism.The first to respond in a highly dynamic and efficient manner are leaders in the private sector, such as this example of AppsFlyer CEO, Oren Kaniel.

It is really important to promote these examples (I’m positive there are many more), so that other organizations can learn how to make this transition in a more correct and convenient manner.

When this insight is used properly, it can be a very powerful tool for positive change.

Here are some more key points that integral leaders will need:

1- Focus on building an integral company from the foundation.

2- Make it completely inclusive, where everyone feels that it’s part of them.

3- Become integrated with each worker and mind, so that everyone will want to belong.

4- Leadership qualities include focusing on building the company together (Hebrew word for company chevra is also society)

5- In an integral system, the leader is dependent on everyone, and everyone is dependent on the leader.

6- Treat workers equally, from the perspective of the integral company the leader is building.

7- Everyone is basically equal, and should be treated equally by the leader.

8- The leader must connect all the employees.

9- Must demonstrate knowledge and lead them as an educator.

10-Must be a dominant character that is appreciated and trusted.

11- Must be sensitive, with the ability to apply the right EQ.

12- Provides a sense of security; people feel dependent on the leader.

13- The integral company doesn’t operate on command, but rather general agreement.

14- From above and also from below, everyone feels mutually responsible.

15- One last important point: Everyone must work properly within the hierarchy, and also in circles.