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What Do Black Executives Really Want?

Recruiting and retaining Black talent is a priority for many organizations. Most are committed to and investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion. And yet, according to interviews and focus groups with Black executives working in a variety of blue-chip companies with strong DEI programs, very few feel good about their workplace experiences at work. They feel isolated, unable to be authentic, and less confident. How can employers and individual managers change this? By insuring that Black employees feel safe, seen and supported. This article outlines some concrete ways to make that happen.

To read my recently published full article in the Harvard Business Review about this topic, please read it here.

It’s not enough to hire more people of color, as this seminal article in the Harvard Business Review, written by two of my colleagues, points out. Organizations must also build trust; actively root out bias; support many different styles and voices within the workplace; and commit to learning from their employees’ knowledge and experiences. Find out here how Employee Resource Groups can assist in that effort.

In this articleArthur Woods discusses how to keep DEI efforts strong as greater numbers of employees – and especially employees of color – are leaving their jobs in what’s being called The Great Resignation.

And let’s not forget: To improve diversity, equity, and inclusion, you need to measure it. Read this article on how to do it.

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