Have you ever wondered why some people leap for their dreams while others dig their feet deeper into the trench of stagnation?  Do the dream chasers have leaper’s luck? Do they have the “leaper” gene as part of their DNA. Or, perhaps the ones who leapt are supremely talented, know the right people, have a whole heap of ambition and possess an obscene amount of passion. Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ll tell you what I think, but you should cover your eyes…because I’m about to drop the F-word. FAITH! What? Did you think it would be something else? I’m Jazz Fox, not Gary Vee or Tony Robbins. Ha ha! FAITH! Faith is the elastic that stretches the mind around the idea of possibility and personal growth and holds it there. Faith is the subtle nudge we feel inching our feet towards the edge of the unknown. Faith plunges us, head-first, toward our dreams. The fall can be beyond frightening, stressful, and not to mention inconvenient. The winds of uncertainty are sure to lick at our face as a new, accelerated life leaves us gasping for our breath. And, then out of nowhere comes a mountain of questions that gnaw away at our throbbing brain—When will the fall stop? When will I land on my feet? When will my business lift from the ground and soar at rocket speeds? When? When? When! FAITH!

Leaping isn’t for the faint of heart. Oh, you didn’t know? Or maybe you did know. In fact, the emotional highs and lows of taking the leap is the real reason most ultimately chose to stay where their idle feet are planted. Unfortunately, some will never take the leap. Within the heart of a stagnate person, there exists a familiar room, with padded walls and the lemony scent of complacency. Sprawled about are elements of comfort, laced with fear. And, the doors have been pad locked for safety—just in case.

I’ve been there and I understand why people struggle to take the leap. No one in their right mind wants to fail, be rejected or struggle before they hit their success stride. Most of humanity craves normalcy, simplicity and comfort. However, when it comes to personal growth, comfort and faith can’t dwell in unity. Comfort is first cousin to fear. Fear is the serial killer of dreams. The fear to leap is the fear to succeed. Success comes on the cusp of failure and rides the winds of uncertainty.

What’s your dream? Does it vividly call to you? May you have the faith to take the leap in the face of fear. May you reconcile with uncertainty. And, may you hold the dream in your mind until the day you make the life-changing decision to work tirelessly until your dream’s a reality. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Inch towards the edge. Close your eyes, curl your toes over the ledge and leap. FAITH! Surrender to its undertow propelling you in the direction of your dreams.

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