I take a leap of faith daily when I step out of my bed and shuffle up the hallway, answering the call to give thanks for being…I know that nothing is guaranteed and all gifts should be humbly embraced without a hint of malice or entitlement. My leap of faith starts with the assumption that after receiving the gift of day, I then am charged with a call to serve and how I engage in service is a leap and landing.

My faith lifts my head to see and reflect light, as well as provides me with a discerning ear so the detractors, pundits, naysayers and un-evolved become less important than the voices of people that matter to me….my community….my peeps.

If my wand was so empowered to right the wrongs instantly, I would call it to action…but since the mission in long and the landing sweet nectar, I remain patient, focused and keep wise eyes opened.

I reflect on my mother’s typing tests of the first IBM Selectric typewriters:

Now is the time for all good men (sic) to come to the aide of their country….

Now is our time to come together as One so we can rise up against the tyrannic, greed-based, ego led actions of others, so we can evoke a landing on the sides of the fence that nourish our souls and leave a platform for the next generations…

Originally published at medium.com