Ken Ibizugbe is a forex mentor and founder of the prestigious Blue Capital Academy. Ken has helped over four thousand individuals across the world achieve their goals and in this article, we will cover the values and principles he applies each day to help him succeed in life!

Grooming successful habits

What’s the best way to start your day? 

(Watch a Netflix series? Eat a chunk out of the Chocolate bar in the fridge? Or perhaps, reading books on self-development?)

This question has plagued me for some time now. After a lot of research, I found out that a lot of successful people start their day by accomplishing specific tasks that would help them hit a goal or milestone they want to reach.

Ken is a religious man. He starts his day by praying and meditating on the scriptures. Once he is done with this, Ken prefers hitting the gym rather than grabbing a chocolate bar- dominating your day requires you to be healthy, physically and mentally.

Once he’s done with work for the day, Ken writes down everything that occurred throughout the day in a journal, this helps him know which goals are achievable and the steps he needs to take to get there.  

Beating the heat

Tired from a stressful day at the office? Or are you just plain sleepy from hours of doing the same task over and over again? Yeah, this feeling is experienced by thousands, if not millions of individuals every day. It’s called Burnout.

Everyone has their way of getting over this feeling. And for Ken, listening to deep house music is the best way for reducing the rate at which he experiences burnout. This genre of music helps him relax and focus his mind on the good things that have happened to him.

Lifting weights and burning calories also helps him take his mind of stress. 

Facing Reality

Sometimes the world feels like it’s crumbling down on us. Yes, that overwhelming feeling we get when we have a lot on our plate that we can’t control. Ken’s fix to this is simple, he doesn’t worry about the problems he’s facing. Instead, he thinks up plans that would help him solve the problems he can control.

Here’s a quote from ken for those who feel like they’ve not hit all their goals and are lagging behind.

“Instead of demanding lavish things, take pleasure in the simple things of life.”- Ken.