Kyle LaRose is a licensed health advisor and the founder of InsuranceByLarose – a health insurance firm that has helped people achieve their goals and dream for over five years.

In this article, he gives his take on dealing with stress and overcoming burnout as an entrepreneur.

Warding Off Stress And Burnout

In the world we live in today, burnout is one of the most common results of stress. There are so many challenging situations that individuals will confront daily. And when the brain is faced with one of these obstacles, it will send out fear signals and put the body in a heightened state of consciousness. This isn’t usually a bad thing as it helped our ancestors identify harmful situations and act quickly.

However, in contemporary society, this leads to disruptions in our sleep patterns and total burnout. The advent of hustle culture has brought about absurd work habits that often leave individuals with bad health.

Kyle shares that he has experienced burnout before. To help combat this, he created a schedule that allows him to account for every hour of the day. This lets him slot out time for rest and family. Asides from this, Kyle always has an energy drink right next to him during work hours to help him push through the long hours.

Overcoming Obstacles

In 2018, Kyle graduated from Law school and was about to take the bar exam. His wife was pregnant with their son at the time, and coincidentally, Kyle’s bar exam was set the day his wife was due. So he had to make a decision; Either miss his son’s birth or change careers. He chose the latter. 

Kyle switched to the health insurance industry and immediately fell in love with it. At the start, he faced many obstacles and almost gave up on them a few times.

“I overcome every obstacle the same way which is ‘remembering my why.’ My why is my family, my beautiful wife and our wild miracle son. They keep me going and pushing forward each and every day. But most of all, I overcome obstacles by proving myself that I set my mind to and doing it. ” – Kyle shares.

Achieving Success 

According to Kyle, success can be as much a function of hard work as it is of having knowledge about your craft.

“By continuing to learn and educate myself in all aspects of my career. Whether it’s staying up to date on the latest health insurance news, learning and trying new prospecting techniques. I invest in myself because at the end of the day I am responsible for my life.” – Kyle shares.

When it comes to the motivation to achieve feats of success, Kyle looks up to his family. Especially his son- being a great role model is what drives him.

Here is a piece of advice from Kyle to anyone striving to attain success in life;

“Become an expert and learn everything there is about the health insurance industry so you can be a resource for folks. When you have knowledge of something and speak about it, you can hear confidence come out of an individual’s voice. However, when you have barely any knowledge or no knowledge and try to come up with something, the lack of confidence can be heard in your voice.”