Handling multiple tasks can become overwhelming. Stressors coming from different sources – home and family, office, relationships, monetary, health. It is important to be in charge of oneself. Anger is one way which just reflects how people are not able to manage their life and expectations. Anger is not the solution in fact it aggravates the problem but meditation is a solution. A simple meditation to control anger.

1. Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing can help a lot in Anger management. When you start to feel anxious and angry, isolate yourself for 10-15 minutes and concentrate on relaxing and calm. Do steady breathing inhale and exhale deeply 3 -4 times in a row and count slowly till four as you inhale and count till eight as your exhale. If you cannot do it for 15 minutes just take a few deep breaths and it will help you to calm down and this will give you time to think.

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2. Visualization

Sit calmly in a peaceful corner at home or at any garden or open space where meditation is possible and rewind the situation in the mind. Think of yourself acting positively and visualize how it is bringing positive outcomes. Wire yourself time and again-keep telling yourself that letting go and ignoring the stressor and instead focusing on the positives or being hopeful. -This will bring happiness and contentment for now and the future.

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3. Meditation and Great Souls

Learn the value of Meditation from great souls and how they managed tasks of higher-order and intensity and could still keep their cool. Gandhi Ji on one of his busy days said “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one”. Benjamin Franklin spends some time in prayer or meditation. This daily habit of meditation gave Franklin the much-needed clarity and focus to plan his day, and follow through on his plans.

India is a busy country with so much happening anyone can get stressed and depressed. Do you know anyone who has an anger issue and would require these tips? Share a book of Gandhi Ji or Frankline to inspire them. Even if you don’t stay with them you can always send spiritual gifts online┬áto your loved ones and take care of their mental health.