Stephen L. Robinson is a relationship coach, author, and speaker who has helped dozens of individuals find love and happiness. In an interview with Stephen a couple of weeks ago, he shared some of his thoughts on common issues individuals face such as burnout, stress, and lack of motivation to do awe-inspiring feats.

Here’s the conversation;

What inspired you to Start Your Brand? 

What inspired me to create my brand was by two failed relationships. I thought because I didn’t lie or cheat it made me a good man. However, there is so much more to being a good man than just not lying and cheating. I was not there for my partners emotionally; I would always place work and my own wants above theirs. 

So, in a nutshell, I was selfish. Which led to the ending of both my relationships. One partner cheated on me with 13 different men and the other left me for another man. So after losing these two women, I vowed that this would never happen to me again. So I started studying relationships to see what I could have done better. 

Though that is when I realized that I was not a good man just because I didn’t lie or cheat. Then also at that point was when God gave me the vision to revolutionize relationships for the better using biblical principles. So my two failed relationships and God’s vision is what inspired me to create this brand.

What obstacles have you faced so far and how did you overcome these obstacles?

The main obstacle that I face is people trusting that I know what I am talking about when it comes to relationships when they want to hire me as their coach. Right now I am currently single so people often say well if you are not in a relationship how can you tell and or teach me about one. However, the answer is simple. 

If you believe in God and if you believe God created everything and certain things have certain principles for how it functions then you know like I know principles are something that never changes. 

So if principles are something that never changes and I teach God’s principles about relationships you will have a recipe for success. So although I’m not in one through God’s word I can help those who are in one.  

How do you keep off stress and avoid burnout?

Well, one thing I do to keep off stress and avoid burnout is a simple principle taught in the Bible and that is to rest. Take a day off completely where you are not doing anything work-related at all; no emails, no Instagram, hardly any communication with the outside world besides close friends and family. 

For me, it’s Sunday. Truly relax and do things that you love outside of working on your business. Another big thing for me is morning prayer and evening prayer. This is where I take the time to read my Bible and meditate on God’s words and promises to me. 

This is something that works very well also we like to call it, CALM and the letters stand for something. 

C- Control Belongs to God

A- Ask God for help

L- Leave your worries with God

M- Meditate on good things.

Those are two simple but yet powerful ways I avoid burnout. Of course, you have other things like vacations, etc.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow in any area of their life?

My best advice would be to place God as your number one priority and keep him at the center. Putting God first should be the premise and the foundation of everything you do. God wants what’s best for us, and in order to get God’s best, we need to be partners and consult with him in all of our affairs. 

The benefits of putting him first puts you in the position to receive help from others. He will guide you, order your steps, and put you on the path to fulfill destiny. This can only happen if you surrender your will in exchange for his and putting God first.