Nenad “Neno” Korof– a serial entrepreneur, mentor, angel investor, trader and philanthropist has built his trading empire from nothing to making millions in not only forex but crypto. He has not only made wealth for himself but has been able to replicate that by creating 11 millionaires and dozens of 6 figure earners. Not only has he achieved success in trading but he is one of the fastest growing social media superstars that has amassed a following of 102k at the time of this article.

Neno chronicles the hard times his parents went through to provide a better life for the family. From his mom working a job at night while his dad had his own business in the Construction and Renovation industry servicing high net worth clients.

At the ripe age of 19- Neno learned that the traditional education system wasn’t going to suit his ambitions and he also realized that his professors weren’t a role model to the lifestyle he aspired to live so he dropped out 2 months in and worked in the Sales and Finance department in a company head office in Oakville in which he was the youngest individual that drove $2.2 million in revenue but he only earned $50,000 in after taxes.

Realizing that if he wanted to create the lifestyle he aspired to live- he needed to look for another vehicle and a friend introduced him to MLM in which Neno learned the power of residual income and leveraging other people’s time to become rich. After experiencing minimal success, Neno was invited by a Forex Trader for a meeting after he messaged the trader inquiring about his profession on Instagram. After, seeing $75000 was cleared in 3 days- he realized that he needed to learn trading. Around the same time, he joined a 2nd MLM and started making $1000/month.

After 3 years of trying to trade and experiencing little success, Neno took a break and later understood this 1 principle:

90% of trading is psychology and 10% is analytics.

He experienced a massive breakthrough and made his first million in Forex followed by another million trading cryptocurrencies. Not only has he been successful but his students have been able to profit from Neno’s knowledge and expertise. By popular demand- he decided to launch the Advance Crypto Academy which is the premier education platform in North America and the #1 Online Platform that educates and mentors people on everything forex and crypto.

After buying the penthouse, the Lamborghini and the luxuries of life- Neno still continues to help and inspire hundreds of thousands and millions of people online through his content and his programs which has made many money.

We asked him a couple of questions in regards to growing an Instagram following and the incorrect perception people have on him along with his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency.

How have you been able to grow a large following on Instagram ?

It’s understanding the principle of value and differentiating myself from the rest. The truth is I am not like the others IG gurus or people with large followings. I’ve made money and made my followers even more money. Second, no one has created real wealth for their students and typically there are 2 groups of Internet Marketers you meet in the industry- the ones that sell courses and have no results, and the ones that are making money are secretive about their techniques and strategy. At the end of the day, I am mentoring others to better their lives and I know how far an extra few hundred to a few thousand can go in terms of bills and mortgage payments.

I create content that is inspirational, educational/informational and motivational. The truth is people resonate with my content because they aspire to live the lifestyle I live and achieve the freedom I have worked for. People see me as a “Rockstar Trader” and as a result, my content caters to everyone- even my haters who give me as much attention. if not more than my fans.

With people having mixed reviews on cryptocurrency, where do you see the future of cryptocurrency?

Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie. Crypto has made people millions and billions. Crypto has made me a millionaire and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The underlying function and application of blockchain has the power to overthrow banks and create a decentralized network where people can do business and transact without paying a fee. The value of crypto is defined by scarcity considering there is a limited supply which increases its value in conjunction with people’s belief in it.

What’s 1 thing people get wrong about you?

People see me online and they think I am arrogant, intimidating or mischievous but the reality is far from that. When people meet me in person they see me as a humble individual that has not lost sight of reality and is very much down to earth- regardless of the amount I made. I am not attached to the materialistic items- money, the Lamborghini, jewellery are tools that allow me to experience the pleasures of life but the people close to me know I am an information seeker.

I am always learning and that will never leave me.

For me money is just a vehicle to help others
and help me achieve my goals. I am very much focused on helping those around me
become a better person and pushing them to achieve their 


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