Transforming Strength Personal Training Tips

Despite what social media might have us believe these days, it has been my experience as a professional wellness coach and personal trainer at Transforming Strength that most people are aware and even stressed about their health and level of fitness.

Unfortunately, the large majority of those same people also feel overwhelmed with how to take steps to improve their well-being. I have personally found the most success in keeping things simple and straightforward for my clients.

I love to help them learn how to thrive by starting with basic steps they can start immediately and build upon and I’d like to share 5 of those transforming health tips with you!

Some of these strategies may seem so simple you may have overlooked them and find yourself wishing you’d started sooner, but rest assured this is a great place to start by making changes with one or all of them today.

1) Start your day with a win and some fuel.
I’ve been fortunate to witness the powerful momentum that can be built by beginning each day with small wins. These could be as simple as making your bed, but I prefer to keep healthy habit building focused on the wins we can rack up with small nutrition and fitness changes like starting your day with a balanced and nutritious meal.

While specific recommendations for your first daily meal would be on a case-by-case basis, an example could be a half cup of oats, with a quarter cup of berries, sprinkled with cinnamon, and shared with a side of a couple of egg whites. This example is nutritiously dense and provides a balance of clean energy that includes carbohydrates and protein. Since it contains a mix of protein and carbs, it will also keep you full and fueled throughout your morning to include any exercise.

2) Start drinking water like you’re made from it.

According to professional medical sources, the human body is at least 60% water. This statistic can be further broken down:

  • Brain & Heart = 73%
  • Muscles & Kidneys = 79%
  • Lungs = 83%
  • Skin = 64%
  • Bones = 31%

Sadly, research has shown 70-80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, leaving many parts of the body vulnerable to impaired function. Every single system in your body will function better if you commit to keeping it hydrated. The long-standing recommendation has been to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but this may still be a low number for many, including those who are moderately active or regular exercise. Start by drinking more than you did yesterday and build on that success. Jotting down your water intake can also help you reach this basic, but important goal.

3) Prepare to have healthy food options available wherever you go.
If one of your goals is to make healthier eating choices, surround yourself with options that will keep you on track. This may mean cleaning out your fridge and the shelves in the pantry and replacing any processed or sugary options with clean whole food options. It might also mean making sure you have a healthy protein bar, egg muffins, or other clean food in a cooler bag with you at work, school, or in the car to help ensure you don’t have a fast-food meltdown or a break room donut.

4) It all starts with just a few steps.
Beginning an exercise program can be one of the most daunting parts of wanting to get healthier. Many people have no idea what the best way is or even how to get started, so they end up paralyzed. But it is as simple as just starting without putting pressure on yourself to achieve an amazing hour-long workout. Initially, just getting out and walking on purpose may be all it takes to get yourself rolling to better habits. Every 15 minutes of brisk walking will help you burn around 100 calories. This is a place that just about anyone can start and build from.

5) 15 Minutes of Sleep can make all the difference.
Your mental and physical health can both be negatively impacted by not getting enough sleep. Most recent research shows 7 hours per night as a minimum to shoot for to maintain balanced hormone production, which will allow your energy and fat storage systems to work in your favor. Not to mention the more well-rested you feel, the more motivation you will have to stick with your other small changes. If this seems like a challenging goal, start by getting to bed 15 minutes earlier each night and build from there.

While these may seem like simple health tips, I have seen people who have made these changes begin to thrive and open the door to a whole new world of healthy living!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any health & fitness questions. All the best to your journey! ~ Coach