Let’s be honest, Fab loves to learn. Also, Fab loves to speak in the third person – but that we knew that already. Fab also loves to learn new things.

It’s all about expansion, after all. Oh, and also, a great excuse to celebrate.

There are many ways you can get inspired, but I decided to go back to my old list of resources for learning and adding 10 more to the original 25, depending on your learning style.

Most of these sources are free or include free content.

Hacks and Tricks

  • Read a Wikipedia Article Every Day – Simply hit ‘Select Random Article‘ and Wikipedia will find the best resource for you.
  • Have a RSS Feed Handy – I highly recommend using Feedly to keep up with daily news in your industry or area of interest. We use it for the HBC and it’s a great resource.
  • Get back to StumbleUpon – StumbeUpon is a great daily resource for learning about random, off-the-wall or obscure topics.


  • 5-Bullet Friday – This is Tim Ferriss’ newsletter (more on him in the podcast section). He gives you five bullet points every Friday about what he’s reading, thinking about, doing, and whatever else he wants to tell you.
  • Well + Good – For the health & wellness junkies, news and trends straight into your inbox.
  • Husskie – influencer-focused newsletters, including interviews and hot tips.
  • Copyblogger –  The site has been around since 2006 and teaches people how to create killer content. Perfect for all the health bloggers with an online presence.
  • Brain Pickings – Newsletter by Maria Popova, providing incredible content, ideas and resources, as well as mini-essays straight into your inbox.

Courses and training

  • Duolingo — Learn a language for free – which for me is redundant because /pretentious prick mode on I already know five.
  • CreativeLive — Take free creative classes from the world’s top experts.
  • Curious — Grow your skills with online video lessons and choose the length of the lessons.
  • Coursera — Take the world’s best courses, online, for free.
  • Codecademy — Evergreen resource to learn to code interactively.
  • HBC Academy – Best courses for health and wellness professionals and content creators focusing on marketing, digital business and content.

Websites and Videos

  • TED-Ed  – Curated educational videos straight from the Ted archive.
  • Netflix – our favourite weekday evening companion has great documentaries including The Impostor, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Happy, What the Bleep Do We Know, Inside North Korea, and How to Die in Oregon.
  • Hackaday – Learn new skills and facts with bite-sized hacks delivered daily.
  • LitLovers – Needless to say, I love this one. You can practice your love of literature with free online lit courses.
  • Memrise – For the fellow linguists (I hear you, comrades!). Get smarter and expand your vocabulary.
  • The Happiness Project – Why not just learn how to be happy? I’d give five minutes a day to that!


  • TEDTalks – most TED talks are just as good in audio form as they are in video, and they are easy to listen to.
  • The Make an Impact Show – learn the truth behind making an impact in health and wellness with our new show.
  • The Food Medic Podcast – Hazel brings together incredible people to talk about a healthier, happier lifestyle all around.
  • Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast – another incredible food/nutrition and wellbeing podcast for all the health bloggers out there.
  • Empower Body Podcast – Adam Willis is an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to fitness, workouts and optimisation. A must listen.
  • The Tim Ferris Show – one of the top-rated podcasts of all time, a collection of high performers and incredible mentors.
  • ITunes U – This one is for podcast lovers. Yale, Harvard, and other top universities share lecture podcasts.
  • The Daily Boost podcast – pretty much what it says in the tin. Loads of inspiration, daily.
  • Founders Talk – this is an excellent podcast for anyone wanting to get into the head of the founders of successful startups and businesses.
  • Stuff You Should Know –  another podcast that this time covers a wide range of topics. For the learners out there.
  • No Such a Thing as a Fish – A weekly podcast in which The QI researchers share their most interesting recent discoveries. I seriously love these guys.

Are you looking for a weekly companion to inspire you in growing your influence? Check out the Make an Impact show.