How Changing Two Words Led Me To Booking A Five Figure Contract.

The Difference One Change Can Make

You ever wonder how many jobs you miss booking without even realizing it?

How many time has a client booked a more expensive freelancer with less experience even though you were the right person for the job?

I’ll tell youmore than it should.

How do those freelancers do they do it? Simple. They studied the small things that lead to big results to create freelancer secrets that get them booked.

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The Secret Behind Small Changes

Clients have mental barriers to booking freelancers. If you want to succeed as a freelancer you must remove those barriers. In sales this is called taking away the no’s.

The freelancer secret I use to remove reasons for the client to say ‘no’ in my proposals, follow ups, and project outlines is to lead them to the results they want.

Last month I found a simple way to take away reasons for clients to not open projects submitted in proposals. I made a small change to how I wrote the proposal.

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What I Did and Why It Changed How I Write Proposals

I changed what I wrote before the link to a project. This one change led to me booking a five figure contract. Here are screenshots of what I did before and what I do now.

Example: In past proposals I would mention a client, share the testimonial and under the testimonial have the word ‘project’ followed by the project link.

-Note after the testimonial I wrote ‘project’-

I made a small change. I added a brief description of what the project I was linking to was.

-I replaced ‘project’ with ‘sales funnel’-

The Results

The result was gigantic! Clients wrote me back and mentioned the projects I sent. My response rate went up 26%!

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Not only that I also ended up booking a five figure client who mentioned the project I sent. They told me they usually don’t open links but my link was exactly the type of project they needed so they opened it.

A simple two word change led to a five figure contract. You want to know how to master the small changes that lead to big results? Check out my special offer.

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Learn The Small Changes That Lead to Big Results

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Originally published at on March 23, 2017.

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