Researchers have found that we think about 60,000 thoughts a day. That is a tremendously large number. However, of these 60,000 thoughts, only 3,000 are new. That means 95% of our thoughts just go around in circles. What you thought yesterday, you think again today and maybe tomorrow too. If you were annoyed about your boss yesterday, then it will most likely happen again today and tomorrow, unless the boss is on vacation or you quit your job.

So about 57,000 thoughts deal with things that either cannot be changed or you cannot change them, with worries, fear, stress, frustration and much more. It is important to calm the mind in between before we go completely crazy.

Whenever you are in a rush, your mind is confused. If you constantly worry and live in fear, your mind will be confused. And when you are always stressed, depressed, and unable to appreciate the things in life, your life is chaos.

A quote from the Buddha says: ” A man can conquer 1 million people in battle, but he who conquers his mind is the greatest conqueror “.

But how do you silence your head other than through regular meditation ?

1 . Learn to Observe Your Mind

The next time you are plagued by feelings of fear, doubt, or stress, ask yourself a few key questions to calm the mind, such as what specifically can I do in this situation? Is it really worth it to worry about and feel unhappy about it? Sometimes it even helps to just say to yourself, “Let go of the thought now”.

The mind turns the thoughts in a different direction and you will come to rest more quickly.

2. Nourish Your Mind

Just as the body needs a balanced diet to function properly, the mind also needs the right nourishment. Food in the form of time during which the mind is allowed to wander. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy a few daydreams. Now look out of the window in spring and watch the birds or the clouds passing in the sky and think about the funny shapes they take. If you can’t sleep, watch the starry sky.

Nature has the incredible power to bring us back down and center us. Enjoy the time and let your soul dangle. Even a few minutes a day will help you achieve a better quality of life.

3. Empty Your Mind

Try to get your mind as empty as possible before you go to bed. Write down important things so you don’t have to think about them all the time.
Perhaps you are one of those people who take a shower in the evening and wash away the worries and worries of the day.

If not, you can just imagine yourself standing under a waterfall that washes away everything that is not good for you. Let the ears flush out any information that was unimportant or not good for you. Wash your eyes especially in your mind and let all unpleasant images flow out of your eyes. Also imagine that the water could wash into your head and take away all the hatred, anger and fear that the mind has accumulated during the day on its way out. And before you go to sleep, concentrate on all the moments of joy that you have experienced throughout the day, until a small smile spreads on your lips with which you can then fall asleep calmly.