No one anticipated that the world would witness a pandemic outbreak towards the end of 2019. And it’s been over a year and a half that the world is still battling the pandemic. Even though the world has surpassed the stage of massive infections and deaths, the virus still exists and has its potency. Also, no one knows when the pandemic curve would flatten down. This thought results in uncertainty and doubts amongst people, increasing their stress and tension—all these results in mild mental health issues that need to be addressed and remedied.

Solutions to pandemic related mental health issues by William D King

Have you been feeling stagnated currently? If yes, then you aren’t the only one. The pandemic has made people more tensed and anxious than ever. Listing out a few mental health issues that people have faced during this time and their probable solutions.

  1. A sense of loneliness

Several studies done on mental health in recent times point towards the fact that people worldwide have been feeling a sense of loneliness. According to experts, it’s mostly because of a sudden change in the way of life. Previously people used to have an active social life. Today, people think twice before venturing out of their homes. Also, the subsequent lockdowns and the partial stay-at-home orders have changed the lifestyle for many drastically. One of the best ways to remedy this sense of loneliness is to stay connected with near and dear ones and confide in them. It will help to bring down the stress as well.

  • Increased tension and anxiety

Most people have witnessed increased anxiety and tension in the past year! The main reason for this is the fear of the virus. There have been scary news updates that constantly relayed stories about dangerous after-effects of people who have been affected by the virus. While it is necessary to stay updated about the world, an overdose of news can also result in added anxiety levels. The best way to remedy this is by staying slightly detached from the news updates. Another way to calm the mind and anxiety down is to try deep breathing and meditation. It helps to calm the nervous system and also brings back the normal breathing level.

  • Paranoia and excess fear

No one thought they had to wear a mask and carry sanitizer when they step out of their house until a year back. This sudden change in the way of life has instilled ample fear in the minds of people. Even when people go out maintaining all the safety protocols, they still have a fear of getting infected by the virus. One of the best ways to combat this excess fear is by maintaining adequate safety measures. It is also essential to adopt a positive mindset that will give you the courage to go about your life without any added fear. For this, people need to practice positive affirmations and sayings, as it helps to change the mental attitude positively.

According to William D King, the time we are living is challenging and is replete with reasons that can cause fear and tension. However, if you face the issues mentioned above, you can resort to the solutions that are shared.