Stress may motivate you to join a group. However, prolonged stress will interfere with your physical and mental health. It will seriously interfere with your family life, job life, and health. If you seize a look at survey reports, you will understand that around 70% of people are experiencing real emotional and physical symptoms emanating from stress. It is here that an eminent entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert, Eric Dalius throws light upon the causes of stress. He believes that a proper balance of work-life and personal life is essential for healthy and happy living.

Causes of your tension and stress as mental health propounded by Saivian Eric Dalius

If you are unhappy with your present job and the feeling persists, there is a genuine cause behind it. If you find it hard to deal with a heavy workload and too much responsibility, it will lead to tension and anxiety.

Long hours at work, poor management skills, and unclear expectations will only aggravate your stress level. If you are working under unhealthy conditions, it will count on your health

The best way of dealing with headaches and fatigue

These individuals have specially designed therapeutic sessions that work wonders on your physical and mental health. One of the prominent symptoms of anxiety and stress is fatigue and headache. You may face difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Apart from this, irritability and an upset stomach are initial symptoms of depression and anxiety. For managing these, you will have to take the help of counselors and professionals.

Saivian Eric Dalius believes that perception and attitude and unrealistic expectations are the most prominent reasons for anxiety. Apart from this, change is a part of life. If people have difficulty in adapting to change, it will create unpleasant feelings.