The Flow Genome Project (FGP) is hosting Flow Camp in August. It’s a badass body-brain-mind training camp designed to unpack all that is hinted at in Stealing Fire (book) and create the physical, emotional, and intellectual foundations for next level living and impact!

2018 DATES: August 20-25th in the amazing secluded mountains of Utah, 45 min from Salt Lake City airport, in a little valley that time forgot, appropriately named, Eden!

Flow Genome Project core team and guest teachers, all world-class experts in their varying specialties (ranging from acro yoga to mountain biking to Zen meditation, to functional medicine) and You–our core community of focused, critically minded (yet) open-hearted badasses who are ready to move beyond Crossfit and obstacle races (on the one hand) or endless talking circles and encounter sessions (on the other).

What will a day feel like?

  • 7 am Wake up and mellow Get-Out-The-Kinks Body Movement on the yoga deck, respiration training, etc.
  • 8 am Killer Breakfast from farm to table chefs staying onsite with us the whole week
  • 9 am Class Time in the Flow Dojo–44′ Dome that is our central training center for the week (early am classes typically focus on intellectual content while we’re freshest)
  • 10:30 am Kinetic Training (fully revamping the whole notion of fitness from cosmetic to kinesthetic–breathing, balance, eye-hand, eye-foot, spinal, vestibular and proprioceptive conditioning)–all super fun, and beginning with restorative basics
  • Noon Amazing Lunch–will have Paleo and Vegan options, along with rock solid healthy nutrition for all
  • 1:30 pm Movement and Play (avoid lunch brain at all costs) Giant Flow Dojo equipment, mountain bikes, bodies, toys, tools, teachers
  • 4:00 pm Tea Time (because we’re English)
  • 5-6:30 pm Relational Training (because we’re human–and figuring out how to be precise with our language and manage conflict successfully is a game changer)
  • 7:00 pm Dinner (amazing and delightful–we have some real treats lined up)
  • 8-10 pm Evening Throw-downs (the sun goes down and the content heats up–sex, gods, gurus, and ecstasies, along with deeper dives into the actual experience we’re all having together)

So, this will be a “woo-free zone”–there’s no bullshit, no magical thinking, and no one to tell you what it all means. We’re dedicated to keeping the mystery in the Mystery and conducting the experiments. We’ll provide the most cutting-edge neuroscience and performance psychology research and practices, and we’ll sequence the most engaging experiential learning to help you go out and get some quality data.

Caution: this stuff works. Incredibly effectively. Complications may range from intense well being, deep remembering of prior insights or purpose, sleeplessness, overwhelming relaxation, exhilaration, sexual arousal, psychological mania, weeping, laughing, making friends for life, quitting your day job, or even…divorcing your parakeet.

Don’t say you weren’t warned ahead of time 😉

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