You want to write better but don’t know how?

Are bad proposals losing you work? Is your writing clunky? Do you have something to say but no one pays attention?

I get it. Writing is hard.

I struggled with writing for a long time. In college my essays sucked. I got ‘A’s’ because I was charismatic, not because I was a good writer. When I started as a freelancer my writing sucked. I charged $35/hr and was pumped when I brought home $175/month. So what changed?

How did I:

*Start Charging $125/hr

*Get invited to guest post on major blogs

*And get featured by Ramit Sethi in a ZTL copywriting class?

I charge $125/Hr because I learned to write like a bestseller

Simple. I started writing like a bestseller. Want to know how? Read on.

Writing Like a Bestseller

I talk about writing a lot because I write a lot.

I write this blog. I write in my books. I write for my clients.

Writing is the most important skill a freelancer can develop (no matter what you do). The better you write the greater your opportunities are for:

*Writing Proposals The Get You Booked

*Booking Bigger Clients

*Getting Paid a Higher Rate

*And Communicating your Authority in your Field

Get The Competitive Advantage

Writing better is your competitive advantage. Increasing the quality of your writing will make you stand out from more experienced freelancers. Why?

Most freelancers don’t write well.

To help you stand out, book more clients, and get all the work you can handle I put together a cheat sheet so you can write so good they can’t ignore you.

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Write So Good They Can’t Ignore You

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I created a cheat sheet you can use when you sit down to write. Join the Success Academy and download it to start writing better right away (Here).

The cheat sheet has strategies to instantly transform your writing and make your writing read like a bestseller.

Here are three-of the many-things you will learn in ‘Write Like a Bestseller’

1)Write Proposals That Get You Booked:

Most proposals are unreadable. They are poorly written, not on topic, and don’t explain the benefit you bring to the client. Tired of your writing being unreadable? Your cheat sheet can help you write like a master communicator, get your point across instantly, and create a lasting rapport with the client.

2)Make any topic becomes so interesting readers line up to learn what you know:

It doesn’t matter what the topic matter is bestsellers make anything interesting. Don’t believe me? John Mcphee is a bestseller known for writing about simple things. He wrote about oranges, pine barrens, and more. How do you make boring topics interesting? In the cheat sheet you learn to make your writing interesting with unique viewpoints. You will learn how to make readers so interested they’ll line up to learn what you know in part two.

3)How to make readers hungry for your advice:

Most writers suck at giving advice. Why? They give to much of it at once. What if you could write so well people were hungry to hear what you had to say? You need part three. You will learn a step by step system to writing so any reader can instantly understand and use your advice.

Give Me My Free ‘Write Like a Bestseller’ Cheat Sheet

You ready to increase your writing game, write proposals that get you booked no matter the client, have readers hungry for your advice, and build an audience always begging for more?

Get my ‘Write Like a Bestseller’ Cheat Sheet now.

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