Experience is the best teacher. I’m not saying that school or a college education isn’t important. I’m not saying that teachers, instructors or professors aren’t great teachers. We should applaud them. We go to class, take courses and read books. We could be professional students all day everyday. I used to be that. However, it is through applied knowledge and experience that we actually learn. 

With knowledge we gain insight. Through hands on experience is applied knowledge. Knowledge can only take us so far until we learn, use and apply it. It’s through repetition that we learn. 

You’re now becoming a student of life. Embrace  learning the world around you. Be that sponge who absorbs everything. Soak it all in. Outside of what we’ve been taught in school, there’s so much to learn in our day to day lives. 

The classroom setting teaches us the foundation. Experiencing the world around us is where we truly learn. We learn so many skills along the way that we don’t even realize. All those skills we learned through experience. 

You will get more education through real life experiences than you will just by studying. You can study all you want whether it’s from books, courses or even studying successful people. If you don’t use what you learned in the real world, what good does it do you? Absolutely nothing. 

For example, with this modern digital world that we live in, we have the never ending incoming of texts, flooding of emails and scrolling of different social media platforms. It’s no wonder that some people lack social skills. I’m talking about live, in person, face to face conversations. I’m guilty of it, too. However, if the only way I can communicate to someone is through my blog, and I can’t interact with them in person, it doesn’t make sense to me. We have social media. What about actually being social in person?

Here’s another example. I’m not a Mom. I applaud you Moms out there who can hustle your work and still be the amazing Mom that you are. You are a blessing. No one can learn to parent until you have kids of your own, right? There’s no manual, written instructions or a pdf to download that gives you the formula to be a parent. It happens through time and experience that you learn. 

We learned from our teachers when we were young. As we’ve gotten older and wiser, we’ve learned through our experience. Be a student of life. Embrace the world around you. You’re going to make mistakes and mess up. There’s no way around it. There’s lessons to be learned, and some lessons will repeat itself until we learn it. Experience by doing, taking action, falling and getting back up. Keep going, learning and growing. Experience is the best teacher.