“Learn to love yourself more – you’re capable of amazing things!”

Twenty two years ago my life changed forever.

I became a Mum for the first time, and thought I could never love another human being ever again with such all consuming intensity.

My days were a blur of falling in love over and over again. Everything beyond this warm, purring new ‘kitten’ felt hazy and distant. And for some time, like most new Mothers, I was almost oblivious to the world around me as I focussed in on the needs of my baby son.

Then three years later when my second child was born – a beautiful, blue eyed daughter – I quickly realised that, despite our fears, a Mother’s heart can easily stretch to loving all of her children with the same powerful flames of emotion.

But something else had changed forever too;

My relationship with the children’s father.

Strange behaviour from him, that I had previously brushed off, started to affect the day to day life of the children and I.

You see by this point I was already knee deep in a shocking, abusive relationship.

Despite the unbounded joy my children brought me, the next ten years would prove to be the most taxing, emotionally challenging and – at times – terrifying of my entire life.

Coming Up For Air

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that paralysed you emotionally?

When you’ve perhaps believed you were helpless to change things? Alone? Feeling vulnerable. Scared or hesitant to talk to anyone, and floundering with day to day life?

Well, at some point in life, most of us will encounter hurdles that creates these enormous emotional dilemmas.

But do you carry on, and accept this soul crushing situation? Or do you hold your head high, step up to the plate and push through?

Well after ten long years of suffering in silence, hunkering down, absorbing round after round of almost daily verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, I finally decided which side of this invisible fence I wanted to be on.

The Long Walk To Freedom

Now, if you should ever find yourself questioning whether your current situation is fulfilling you on the levels that are most important to you, I want you to consider the following;

This is your one and only life.

Are you enjoying it? What can you do today to add positivity and joy to your immediate world?

Choose self love & self respect.

Everything in life starts with you. When you value your worth, so will others around you.

Are you looking after your physical and emotional well being?

Do you place value on beginning each day feeling good about the day ahead? With your mind and body at ease – and in harmony?

What would it take to create the lovely life you often think about?

Can you take a small step, every day, towards this goal? Starting today?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you know that you’re capable of just about anything you set your heart on, if you only nurture the superpower of self belief?

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

If you’re coasting through life right now, accepting a status quo that leaves you feeling unfulfilled, or less than great about yourself, it could be time to stop and review your inner ‘game’; your true inner feelings – and where you want life to take you next.

You could be allowing your own limiting beliefs – or those imposed by others – to prevent you from getting to the place you deserve to be.

Today I’m asking you to check in with your deepest inner self for a while. Because if you really want to allow that authentic, true version of you to surface and be free, you’ll need to let go of all the restrictions you currently feel. And any emotional baggage too.

Choose to spend the whole day enjoying an incredible sense of being unique! One of a kind – you!

Because when you start to believe in yourself? When you start to love yourself truly, madly – deeply?

…now that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

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  • Sarah Virág

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    Sarah Virág BA (Hons) is a UK based Confidence Coach, Writer, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of 'Wings for Life', Columnist, Mother of three and lifelong Nomad.