In times of uncertainty it can be so easy to feel like you are adrift on an ocean not sure which way is North …not a great feeling. In fact, I often say to clients that psychologically, living in the “unknown” is one of the hardest places to live. We can usually face any stress that we can quantify because we know the cost, we know the resources that will be needed, we know the time frame that it will use etc etc. Not so with the unknown, we tend to have to free fall a bit which is highly uncomfortable. What I want to encourage you to remember today if you feel lost in overwhelm, is that just because you cant see structure, does not mean that it isn’t around and in you in some way, shape of form. In fact, structure is ALL around you, there is a deep sense of continuity and routine built into most things you can perceive and many that you can’t.

For instance, while you are reading, this, your brain is formulating one of the 60 – 90 000 thoughts you will have today, your body is creating new cells, your hair is growing, the tectonic plates of the earth are growing at the speed of a fingernail. It’s all happening, without our permission or consent, good stuff is happening all around us as well as the scary stuff that can feel so big. 

Focus today on the constants that are good, the sun rose, it will set, birds will nest, frogs will hop, and it will happen again the next day and again the day after that. This structure can be very comforting if you allow it to float through your consciousness. Enjoy leaning into some security today, there is actually a lot of it around us if we take a look at our body and earth’s natural sense of order and structure. 

As always, have a lovely day, floating through uncertainty and anchoring in the known!