I recently heard that Taylor Swift’s Eras tour was boosting the US economy! Leave it to Taylor. Not only is she lifting the mood and attitude of women everywhere, she is also giving back to us financially. You’ve got to love her and it makes a lot of sense. There are very few people out there who wouldn’t love to go to the Taylor Swift concert.

The Federal Reserve claimed that Taylor has been boosting revenue in tour cities including Philadelphia, Chicago, and Denver. These spots have experienced record-breaking hotel sales with Taylor in town, not to mention the Taylor-related rise in revenue from other establishments and related services on concert dates. The same is expected for her upcoming visits to Seattle, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles.

Evie Magazine stated that the Eras tour is on track to become the highest grossing tour of all time- expected to make $520 million from its 52 stops. Taylor’s opening night in Glendale, Arizona, for example, was the highest attended concert by a female artist in the U.S. ever with over 69,000 people in attendance. You go, girl!

So, what is is about Taylor Swift that makes her so popular with the ability to boost hearts and the economy around her? Here are six (of many) reasons:

  1. She tells it like it is. You’ve got to laugh at how direct she is sometimes, but whatever she says is usually true (and we like that).
  2. She’s very relatable. Because she puts it all out there, both the good and the bad, we can all relate to her. Thanks for keeping it real, Taylor.
  3. She’s extremely talented (which goes without saying of course). It’s almost mind-boggling.
  4. She’s creative and writes all of her own songs. You have got to admire the level of talent here- writing, performing, and execution!
  5. She sticks up for the underdog. It seems like she’ll never turn a blind eye to someone being treated poorly. We love that!
  6. She never lets another person make her feel bad about herself. Oh, the breakup songs! And the way that she bounces back so quickly. There’s a lot of power in that, and we all keep rooting for her to find true love.

All in all, Taylor Swift, is a force to be reckoned with in so many ways! When the Federal Reserve starts talking about her, you have to wonder if she’ll write a song about them next. Let’s hope she does!