The year has come to an end.So many memories come to our mind of the time well spent and also of the times spent not so well.Usually the pain, the hurts, cling on to us more than the happy moments spent.

But as Swami Vivekananda says ” onward and forward”.So lets not look back and repent on the reminiscent of the past miseries or faults.Difficult times, miseries have a hidden message for us.Let us take that message and learn and move on.

A river flows on and on never turning its back on the uphill from where it came or the rocky pathway it has passed to meet the ocean.It empties itself in to the ocean always flowing.Let our journey of life be like the flowing river.Leaving the sediments across the banks.Let us unpack our baggage of sorrow, pain ,misery as well as laughter, smile and joy in the banks of 2017 and move on to our new destination 2018.The new dawn is ushering and let us welcome it with renewed vigour and lighten ourselves by unpacking so that we have space to embrace the new gifts the year ahead is eager to bestow on us.Let us become the perfect crucible to hold the nectar of bliss from above.Our whole journey is to seek the nectar ___ the light .

But if our curtains are not risen how can light enter into our being.Let us lift the curtain of ego ,of attachments to the joy and sorrow of yesterday ,and let the light of New Year enter.“The old order changeth yielding place to new.”Let us embrace change and accept it.

Change is the way of life.Every moment we are changing our states from one state of mind to other.But let us be one with that unchanging reality of ours.Let the clouds of changes come and embrace us and then pass by but we should remain stable and unchanged by its touch.Such is the power of being in connection with our higher self –the unchanging reality of our life.

In the journey of life through the years we collect so many baggages and pack our hearts with it that we leave no space for the divine to shower its grace upon us.Our sail is furled up.The New Year is coming and the winds of divine grace is in the horizon waiting to blow.A few more days.So hurry up and unpack your baggages… the baggage of good and of evil, the baggage of splendour and of poverty, the baggage of tears and of smiles.Just unfurl your sail in the ocean of life , the wind of divine grace will blow with the commencement of the New Year….Let the wind blow and sail us to a beautiful journey ahead, let our hearts be free and spacious so that the divine light pour into it the purity of bliss.