The hard truth is, if you are not healing then you are just dealing, getting by, and managing your life. If you don’t want to live the way that you have been living anymore, don’t—but please choose life, just in a new more fully expressed way. 

What if there is more? It’s never a good time to take on your healing, but you can begin anytime you decide you aren’t willing to wait any longer. 

There is a big difference between drama that keeps healthy emotions stuck and unexpressed and healthy expression of emotion that heals you from the inside out. What it is important to understand is that while we never enjoy drama, it is necessary on the path to healing. And we can move through it faster, in order to heal faster. 

So much life is ahead of you. How are you going to live in 2021? 

You have more control over the answer to this question than you may think. We often want to avoid the pain, and I get that it hurts sometimes, even possibly for years. 

However, managing and bandaging our way through life, when we know we want more, makes the pain get louder. Every time. Instead of looking for answers outside of yourself I’m going to ask you to slow down and tune back into you. 

Many coaches and gurus will teach you strategy, give you advice, or worse tell you what to do. Your answers are ready, in you, when you are ready to listen. Get honest. 

Three steps to healing through drama so that you can finally heal the trauma:  

1. WAKE UP: Wake up to when you are in drama. How do you know that you are in drama? You are suffering. It’s that simple. 

2. ALLOW IT: It is important that instead of rejecting drama you lean into the wake up call that it is offering you. Underneath the drama is stuck emotion that needs to come out in a healthy way. Do you know what emotions you are shutting down and running from? Life can feel how you want it to feel. 

3. FEEL IT: Feel your way through drama until you have clarity and can see possibility again. We suffer because we have unhealed emotional pain and stuck trauma.  Underneath stuck emotions lives unhealed pain and trauma. Drama shows up when we won’t feel to get us aware so that we can begin the process of feeling our way through the stuck emotions, into clarity and healing. Your past and your pain CAN heal but you will have to feel what you don’t want to feel for the past and your pain to stop running your life. Think of drama as a trigger that is offering you a grand invitation into your healing. 

Reinvent yourself: Because you can. Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If yes, why? If no, what would need to happen in you for you to like, even love what you see. 

When life hurts, I believe that there is healing to do and that it is simply time to grow, again. 

Life is all about trial and error and many mistakes. When we keep doing, keep going, and keep living against the lives we want and can have, we suffer more. 

Reinvention starts with being brave enough to admit when something about your life hurts. From there become your own saving grace and lead in your healing. 

Choose what you want instead of the hurt. What is next for you? And yes, you have to get specific! Why? Because unclear dreams do not come true. Just pick one next dream to conquer. That’s how you begin to reinvent. 

You do know what you want. Hold off on strategy or finding the next person to tell you what to do and feel your way into the possibilities. Healing is not about strategy. It’s about connection, support, and you being your own answer and healer.