Everyone wants to be remembered for something great, to leave knowing that they have done some good in their time. That is precisely what The Blau Agency founder and author Dylan Blau dreamed of and through his expertise and passion to help people, he is making it happen. 

Merging his desire to leave a lasting impression with his inspiration, Ari Gold from HBO’s hit show ‘Entourage,’ Dylan Blau dreamed of starting a talent agency in Hollywood. He took his first step towards that dream learning about the industry as a social media influencer and entrepreneur. 

Several years ago, The Blau Agency Founder saw that no one in the dog training industry doubled down investing in their brand on social media. Seeing this as an opportunity he could not pass up as a professional dog trainer, Dylan Blau began to develop varying strategies to increase growth and credibility on social media platforms. 

These specially designed strategies were what helped Dylan Blau catapult his personal brand and eventually new artists into fame. Not just his own, Dylan Blau turns dreams into reality through The Blau Agency. Having serviced many clients, he has helped up-and-coming artists establish themselves in the industry and earn an audience through social media. 

With its founder’s unique perspective on making the most out of the existing platforms, The Blau Agency has helped a growing number of artists with branding, marketing, lead generation, networking, collaborations, websites, content creation, and personal management.

Talking about how The Blau Agency has been a catalyst for countless successes, Dylan Blau says that the best part about the agency is that it can grow anyone or any business to increase its opportunities and credibility in a highly competitive digital space.

“I help people go from A to Z on social media, without needing to feel overwhelmed with the process,” he shares. Assisting with a step by step process and armed with a proven track record, Dylan Blau helps his clients attract the attention they need to succeed.

He adds, “I work personally with all of my clients, building relationships with a long-term strategy and goals. I genuinely want to celebrate other people’s success and help them reach new levels of growth in their careers.” 

Working with rappers, artists, influencers, and content creators, The Blau Agency has positively impacted their clients’ lives and, through them, the thousands and millions in their client’s reach. It’s a domino effect of positive influence being traced back to one person, Dylan Blau

Aside from establishing artists on social media, the agency founder is also an author with books such as “Social Media Secrets” and “We Are Dog Training.” Dylan Blau wrote both pieces in his capacity as a successful social media expert and internationally known dog trainer. Furthering his desire to help, he details training techniques for dogs and humans as well as the social media strategies that he used in his personal businesses.

Currently, Dylan Blau is working on expanding his portfolio of hundreds to millions of lives touched. “I want to leave behind a legendary impact and help millions of people all over the world. However, I know that the only way to do that is to put your clients first.” The Blau Agency, under his guidance, is presently working with TikTok influencers to help them leverage their success to create a real business and brand in order to monetize their audience. He  is also giving talented artists the ability to establish a credible brand boosting their careers almost overnight.

“I have spent my life as an entrepreneur helping others. If you can help someone early on in their career, they will remember you for their entire life.” With The Blau Agency’s impact on the lives of artists, his career as a social media influencer, and the thousands of dogs he has trained, Dylan Blau is well on his way to realizing his dream of leaving behind a legendary impact.

Get to know Dylan Blau better and learn how he is leaving a legacy by helping artists inspire millions of people all over the globe. Visit his company, The Blau Agency, on its official website or reach out to him on Instagram (@WeAreDogTraining).