Four years ago, I did something most people would consider insane. I walked away from my Executive Management position of 18 years, leaving Corporate America behind.  

On the table, I left my salary, yearly bonus and stock options.

Although I worked with the most amazing team a leader could wish for, I was slowly dying on the inside.

There was no longer any passion. The energy was gone.   The light was dimming – both spiritually, and physically I feared.

I knew it was time to leave.

So, after nearly two decades, I said my final goodbyes and removed the golden handcuffs.   I was leaving Corporate America to follow my dream to turn my part-time coaching practice into a full-time business.

As I write these words today, I think how often I read this same script before on countless other blogs.

A life-coach writing about the misery of cubicle life. The harsh reality of corporate politics. The frustrations of working for a sociopathic boss.

Different websites, different authors, but the message was the same.

The individual had moved on finding joy and fulfillment starting their own business.

Some even offered workshops on how to leave a job and follow a life calling.

Although a workshop may offer valuable insight into the functionalities of becoming an entrepreneur, like understanding the importance of identifying your customer, market research, etc., most leave out a critical element.

Addressing the internal chatter telling you that kind of move is for others – not you.

Maybe someday….

Everyone has dreams, and the bigger the dream, the bigger the risk.  Dreams can be as simple as making more quality time for family, or as grand as leaving Corporate America to start your own business.

The one thing about dreams is this.  A dream without action will always remain just that – a dream.

Is it time for you to wake up?