Benjamin Fanning, now a 36-year old Co-founder to the H3 plan, defied all odds to get where he is today. Growing up, Benjamin was a rebel child; he did what he wanted, when he wanted, with whom he wanted regardless of any rules.

His lack of obedience got him kicked out of high school, which left him with no societal qualifications, and a what others could simply assume would be an unsuccessful future life.

For a little while, those people were right. Benjamin, being the rogue he was, was involved in dangerous crime for fast money and gang culture for ten years, which landed him behind bars by the time he was 25-years old.

Instead of sulking in jail, Benjamin used his situation as inspiration; it was at this point in his life that he realized for the first time that he was not a product of his circumstances, but a product of his decisions. He took this opportunity that looked like a breakdown and utilized it to breakthrough!

At the end of his sentence, Benjamin made the decision to dedicate the remainder of his life to personal development and growth. Since doing that, he has become his own boss, he lives by his own rules, and he has opened doors in his life that has led to massive success – and the kind of success that is important to Benjamin.

When we asked what success meant to Benjamin, he replied with, “for me, success means to be rich in all accounts; rich in love, rich in business, rich in relationships, rich in health, and rich in thoughts.” It isn’t always about the money, although he makes an abundance of that; he does what he does because he’s passionate about it.

When he found a way to monetize his love for personal training and nutrition, it actually allows him the means to expand into different industries and niches, including investing in properties and oil industries.

Benjamin believes that what makes him unique in his field of work is his ability to be approached and his understanding. He credits his success to his struggles and adversity he experienced at a young age because it taught him how to not just fail, but fail forward, and never give up regardless of your situations.

Benjamin is a firm believer that no one should try to lead, teach, or educate someone on something they have not yet accomplished themselves, so he feels he has an upper-hand in this journey called life.

He was granted the opportunity to see life from all sides – the good, the bad, and the ugly – which has inflated his skill set, knowledge, and wisdom tremendously to then connect with and relate to a wide audience of people.

Life is an easier journey when you have a support system and people that inspire you, day in and day out. Benjamin is rich in love and relationships in this way; he is married to the love of his life, Lisa, and has 3 wonderful children – Olivia, Cairo, and Amara – whom keep him grinding every day, but that’s not all.

When we asked Benjamin what his “why” is, he responded with an interesting answer:

“I never seem to have one why. I would say my life’s purpose is to expand and grow, so I can impact people’s’ lives, especially mine and my family’s. I have a why for my health.

I have a have a why for my family. I have a why for my dreams, and I have a why for my ambitions. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you why is, as long as it is bigger than your excuses!”

It is important to learn from those who have accomplished what you are chasing, so if you are considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, too, consider Benjamin’s 5 tips and tricks of the trade:

1. Master the basics and be ruthless to your commitment to execute what you said you would do.

2. Success leaves footprints. Invest in mentors and take advice from those whom are successful.

3. Lead by example; be a lighthouse, not a tugboat. Build and connect teams with like-minded people and remember that this business truly isn’t for everyone.

4. Connection starts with yourself. Energy is everything!

5. There is no such thing as overnight success. To achieve the highest level of anything, the number one rule is you must be consistent!

If you are interested in learning more from and connecting with Benjamin Fanning, you can get ahold of him via Instagram @benjaminfanning, and Facebook (Ben Fanning).


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