Leeda H and Chris Choklate.

Both these young talents have taken the desi music scene to massive success levels.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how different industries and sectors have been overflowing with talented beings. Still, a few rare gems have been able to create their special place and their unique niche as true-blue professionals in their respective industries. All of us are aware of the constant competition in the music industry, but some individuals have still gone ahead in making waves be it as musicians, rappers, composers, writers, DJs, and artists. Even amidst so much competition, we noticed the rise of two astute and passionate professionals in the music industry named Leeda H and Chris Choklate.

These young music talents are from Australia and have been giving their all to make their mark in the ever-evolving industry. Leeda H is a rapper, writer and composer, while Chris Choklate is a DJ. Leeda H, the Sydney-based artist speaking about his journey, says that he was introduced to music by his local church, where he played percussions and keys since he was 8 years old. His real name is Adeel, but since he wanted to stand unique in the industry, he adopted the name Leeda, which is his name written backwards, sounding like Leader.

Bollywood songs and hip hop music was what he kept listening to, and, at 18 years, he started making beats. Leeda H also grew up listening to Bohemia & Snoop Dogg & that’s where he got his understanding into hip hop, which encouraged him to start writing lyrics and make compositions. Coming to Chris Choklate, he confesses he fell in love with music and started mixing songs at an early age. At 18, he was already a DJ at clubs, and since then, he has been on tour with a lot of famous artists, some of which include Bohemia, J Hind, Arjun, Parmish Verma and Sonu Nigam.

Chris noticed the passion and talents of music in Leeda H and began working on a plan, which J Hind helped Chris and Leeda lay down the foundation for starting their music careers. Leeda H has rocked the desi music scene today since the launch of his and Kali Denali Music’s first Australian artist with the debut track titled “BackBite”. This song earned massive love from the audiences, with 100k views in 6 hours and over 500k views in 3 days.

So far, along with J Hind and Chris Choklate, Leeda H has songs out with J Hind and Pam Sengh. Chris also has several projects and strategies in mind for the rising rapper and has many other big features ready for him, thanks to his innate music skills with beat mixing and DJing. These features include Naseebo Lal, Deep Jandu, Raxstar, Amar Sandhu, and Happy Singh.

Both these tenacious artists are taking the music industry by storm and changing the future of the desi music scene.